Monday, August 10, 2009

Quote of the Week! + Video

I am going to stay with Blogger until I can get a webhost to host my wordpress blog. Sigh. So, in-line with my blogger blogging days, Quote of the Week is back!!!

"There are those who are brave. And there are those whom the brave will follow" ~ Eve Online Apocrypha Expansion story.

Click for video

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I need a webhost and I need it NOW!

Yawn, after so long a hiatus, almost wanted to drop this whole blog thing again. (I guess some of you already heard this before in my previous blog posts).

Anyway, I am back again with my usual antics of trying to convince people that Spiderman the movies totally sucks. To me trying to find a webhost that won't abandoned me because my blog is allegedly getting too much traffic, which I really doubt it since not many people visits my blog. And for me to tell you all football lovers that your so-called "Beautiful Game" is damn UGLY to begin with. Lets not talk about the match fixing and also the insane money the players are asking for. Money that can be use to help other living things on this planet.

And as usual, I will also spell out how bad out Malaysian Educational System is and how an increasing minority of Malaysian's are very untrustworthy and like to scam and fraud other people on this planet.

Now, I will add photos from my Nikon D80 and also more ANIMES!!! Yeah-ha!!!
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