Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's lonely being an anime fanatic.....

When you are the only anime fanatic among your friends, you get lonely...... very lonely....

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Eureka Thurston

Geez, I just wanted to post a picture, but it turns out, I have to explain it too.
Here is why I have to explain.....

I received a COMMENT.

Her name isn't eureka thurston. she doesnt have a last name because she's a humanoid corralion and has no last name (and she isn't married to renton!!)
Anonymous | 07.30.07 - 3:38 am | #

I REPLIED like this....

And you think I don't know?
In that last episode, it's written there on the family paper thingy as Eureka Thurston.

In my opinion, that's good enough. Love is something that you can't judge by saying "Hey, there aren't married yet." or this and that and other reasons.
KLJS | Homepage | 07.30.07 - 11:54 pm | #


1. KNEW EUREKA don't have a last name!
3. KNEW EUREKA isn't married to Renton Thurston.

But WHY I wrote her name as

Very simple. Because Renton said so, and also the family paper thingy in episode 50.
Acknowledge it, deny it, refused it or accept it, it's YOUR OPINION. Telling me the obvious is just wasting your time.

Eureka Thurston

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


I applaud TESCO and CARREFOUR for selling the final book of the Harry Potter series at a cheaper price. It goes to show that major bookstores out there only care for their profits and not their readers.

I for one don't understand the logic behind it at all. If TESCO and CARREFOUR are probably willing to sacrifice profits to sell the books, why are the major bookstores not selling it because of this?

I have only one answer for this. Is that people are trying to "ride" the popularity of Harry Potter and earn a quick buck or two.

The main reason all comes down to MONEY.

Bleh. I hope Harry defeat Valmont (or whatever the name is) and live happily ever after. (But that would be cliché).


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Monday, July 16, 2007

Football is Darker Than Black!

How do you get Darker than Black? You can. Via football/soccer.
I wonder how many people out there still don't want to believe that this so-called "Beautiful Game" is nothing more than just a name and lots of rotten core.
The fans just don't want to accept the facts that football is more corrupt and rotten in many ways. I don't even have to list any of them out, just read the news/newspaper. Match fixing, blackmail, deceit, greedy, bad sportsmanship...etc. You name it, it got it.

However, the fans don't care or choose not to care. Excuses like "It's an isolated case." or "It's only in one country." or "It's only one player." ..etc.
Is it really one country, one case and one player? Tell me. Prove to me there IS ONLY ONE CASE, ONE PLAYER AND ONE COUNTRY.

How much darker can football get? How much more can the "fantasy" go on? How much more "Ugly" side of football will people ignore before they start saying "Holy crap, this sport is not beautiful at all!".
NEVER. It's already brain washed almost everyone. Any bad things that happens is categorized as "One case, One Country and One Player, while the rest are beautiful.".

Wake up people. The nightmare is only just beginning!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Regrets I had a few......

....but then again, too few to mention.

I guess Frank's song sums up my life so far......
then again.....
I said to myself....
I did it "MY.... WAY...."

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