Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nvidia's "Little" Mermaid.....

One my my online friend Spybreak blogged about Nvidia's Dawn in his blog. I do think he is a bit outdated. Dawn is old. The new digital girl is Nvidia's "Little" Mermaid Nalu!!!!

The picture is a bit small, but hey, I can't post a huge picture... :)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Listening to a song repeatedly

Here is a challenge! Can you listen to a song (any song,don't care what genre or who is the singer or whatever.) repeatedly for at least 2 or more days?

Well, I have one song that I have been listening non-stop. Even if I am not near my computer, I will just let it play and play and play repeatedly.

Don't ask me why, but I have been listening to the same song for the past one week and still going strong.

/me is listening to Tvb Theme - Summer Heat Theme [#13 @ Tvb Theme] [MP3|155kbps|3:54] [foobar2000 v0.8.3]

Dare to take the challenge?

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Finally, I have decided to open my FTP. Currently there is a few MP3's in there, but I will constantly change the content in my Public FTP, because of reasons that I don't need to explain. (Hint : something about MP3's and the legality of it).

Anyway, download while it is still hot. I sometimes will close my FTP for maintainence, so if you experience any problem, just try again later. Or you can check the status of the FTP by coming here. I will put up a status announcement.

Rules for my Public FTP:
1. Download what's is available if you see something of interest. What is available today, might not be available tomorrow. Please DON'T email me requesting that I put it up again. I will NOT accept any request.
2. If you want a private account, these are the criteria you need to fulfill.

  • You need to be at least on my MSN Messenger's list (MSN : kljs@hotmail.com) OR
  • You need to be a member of any forum that I lurk out and at least have 500 posts or above. (I lurk out at SPCNET.tv forum, Xfresh.com forum, Japan-TV forum)
  • Once the above criteria is met, send me an email and ask nicely and give the relevant information. Which of the 3 forum you lurk out, what is your user ID or your MSN email address.
  • I will not give out private accounts easily, so please be patient while I process your application.
What is the ADVANTAGE of having a Private Account?
1. You can access tons of stuff that I have. Like MP3's, Videos and Warez.
2. Top quality MP3's (I settle for the best quality)
3. Files are constantly updated with the latest stuff.
4. Don't need to wait for Public FTP to show it.
5. Files don't just go missing after just one day.

Problems with my FTP
1. Max download speed is about 10kB/s. (Not my fault, my broadband connection uploads is limited to 128kbps.)
2. Again due to my broadband connection, I can only allow 3 person to login per session. anymore than that, you have to wait.

Well, anyway "Happy Downloading". Sharing is caring.

Recommended program to log into my FTP : Smartftp.

web browser to log into my FTP : Get Firefox

While I do not block IE users, I would prefer if the above two programs are use instead of IE.

Monday, July 19, 2004

[Storyboard] To Love A Thief

"To Love A Thief". This is not going to be the title of my new original story. "To Love A Thief" is the main point of this yet to be titled story that I am going to write. I have been planning the storyline this past week, and I am very happy with my planning. Now all I need to do is figure out a title for my story and I can start writing.

So, anyone here have a suggestion or contribution about the title, I will be very happy heard from you all. And if your suggestion or contribution is being used, you will be duely credited in my story.
After writing about 20+ fanfiction story, I think it is time I do something else. And "To Love A Thief" is going to be my step forward into the world of writing stories.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony fanlisting

A fanatic Virtues of Harmony fan, MetalAZNWarrior started a fanlisting site for all Virtues of Harmony fans. So, I added the link to my blog, since I am also a fanatic Virtues of Harmony fan. So, if you are also a fanatic or not a fanatic but like the Virtues of Harmony series, then drop by the fanlisting website and meet other fans and visit their website.
Click on the picture below.....

Virtues of Harmony fanlisting

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

[Anime Music]When you get fed up with commercial music!

I used to listen to those "commercial" music on radio. For a period of time, I thought they were some great music and song. Then, I was introduced to the world of Anime Music, and I got hooked instantly. Then, after listening to anime music for like a gazillion times, I came to a conclusion. COMMERCIAL MUSIC SUCKS!. In fact, I totally stop listening to commercial music. Now, I listen to anime music from my computer. My favourite anime song?

/me is listening to Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto - Yakusoku Wa Iranai [#01 @ Yakusoku Wa Iranai (1996)] [MP3|195kbps|3:35] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

Yoko Kanno is one good composer of music, while Maaya Sakamoto has a great voice. To me, they are the "Ultimate" pair to good anime music. Better than commercial CRAP music that is being produced day in day out. And they think piracy is taking away their moneys. I would say it is the quality of their songs that is the problem.

Well, more on that later. Now to listen to

/me is listening to Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto - Tomodachi [#02 @ Yakusoku Wa Iranai (1996)] [MP3|194kbps|3:43] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

Another great song from the Yoko Maaya combination. :)

Saturday, July 03, 2004




Friday, July 02, 2004

[TVB]To Get Unstuck In Time (3)

I finally figure out why the opening theme song is very disturbing. It is because of the song! The song really fits with the scenes that is being shown. Now lies the problem. The music really place the atmosphere in the opening theme song scenes. That's the reason why I become disturbed by the opening theme song scenes.

Mystery solved.....
.......or not.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

[Bitching,ranting,venting]Spiderman (YUCK) 2

Probably I am the only person in this world that totally HATES both the Spiderman movies. Why? Because I don't like how they just modify Spiderman's mechanical webslinger to unlimited web. Unlimited web? What is this? You think having unlimited web can do good to Spiderman's character. So what is the fuss about? Nothing with wrong with unlimited web right?
It is never right with unlimited web! Why? As a Spiderman fan, I really have to make a stand. And my stand is,


I don't care what anyone will say to me or flame me or whatever me. I don't care the least bit. I will continue to say it. Spiderman is NOT about having unlimited web. What the comic Spiderman has, that the movie Spiderman doesn't have. Intelligences.

In the movie, Peter Parker is being turned from a person that should be smart in the inside into someone that doesn't know what he really wants. Ok, probably he knows that he needs to be Spiderman, but that's it! Nothing more than that. While in the comic, that's is where Peter Parker is really portrait. He BUILD his own webslinger! While the movie Peter Parker doesn't even need to build any damn thing! All he needs is to make his costume and that's it!

Now here is the major differences between the comic Spiderman and the movie Spiderman. The comic Spiderman while fighting the bad guys, he needs to becareful of running out of web. And when he does run out of web, he needs to rely on his other abilities to survive. While in the movie, does he even need to worry about the running out of web? Nope, he doesn't need to worry about running out of web. He can shoot limitless web without worrying that it will run out. I find this rather insulting, because Spiderman is not about his web, it is about how he overcomes problems and bad guys when he RUNS out of web. That's in the comic. That's is what I admire about Spiderman actually. Although he is a reluctant hero, he still knows that he has a job to do. And with great difficulty, he overcomes it with his wits and intelligences and not because he has unlimited web.

As a Spiderman fan and friend, I stand by my boycott. Even if it is ONLY ME that is boycotting, I will still do it, because I believe in the "real" Spiderman and not this Hollywood created Spiderman.

I have sweared that I won't watch Spiderman 2 nor anything movie by the director or the cast of Spiderman. Even in the next life, or in any lifetime, I won't accept this Hollywood Spiderman and no one on earth is going to change my mind.

Spiderman 2 gets a 0...out of 5.......



[TVB]To Get Unstuck In Time (2)

This series is really disturbing my mind. All because of the scenes from the opening theme song. Haven't before that I am more disturbed by a TVB series. This is the first time i am disturbed even before I watched the first episode. Truth to be told, I would be jumping and yelling like a crazy person if my prediction is correct and the "disturbing" scenes turned out to be true.

You might be saying "Oh my god! This person is really crazy. Getting emotional because of a tv series!".

Yeah, so what? I have been like that since childhood. I grew up with cartoons. They are my friends. They are still my friends. As I am growing up, the television is my only compainion until I meet my friends. Until now, I still watch the television. In fact, I will try to watch almost everything. That is why I turned out to be a fanfiction writer.

Now back to "To Get Unstuck In Time". This series probably is going to make me go crazy or insane or something like that. Just because of the scenes from the opening theme song. Why do I need to make a big fuss about it? Honestly, I don't know why I always like to comment about the show/series I watched. Probably because my character is like that. I like to comment about anything that I like and don't like. I like to talk about the "possibilities" that might happened. I also like to talk the "IF's" and the "What's". That's me. :)