Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jdramas > HKdramas > Kdramas. KDRAMAS SUCKS. PERIOD.

Previously, I wrote an article about why Jdramas (Japanese Drama Series) are WAY better than Kdramas (Korean Drama Series).

Comments that I got from that article I will answer here.

I understand you're upset because korean drama is popular. i mean, sometimes i feel that hollywood is influencing koreans too much and stuff and i would like koreans to pay more attention to their own treasure at home (meaning our culture--drama, movies, traditional stuff..) but why not just enjoy it with everyone else at the moment and not just deny it? you only watched winter sonata, you might like other dramas. and winter had feelings to it, believe me. maybe you didn't like it because it didn't go the way you wanted it to or the storyline was just too slow. but korean dramas and movies do show some unique relationships & characteristics, etc. and the actors are good-looking (and good at acting, like lee yung-ae and bae yong-joon.) you realize how much fun you're missing?
j | 03.31.05 - 12:00 am | #

1. Good looking actors and actress DOES NOT make a good series.
2. When I watch a movie/series, even if it didn't go the way I wanted, I won't be typing out an article to say that it sucks or anything. I have watched so many tv series and so far only Kdramas gets this treatment. Didn't see me typing about how bad the ending for Angel(US TV series) or the direction of the storyline that Charmed(US TV Series) is taking or how they make Rory(US TV Series, Gilmore Girls) into a different person in this latest season. In fact I wrote several articles about Gilmore Girls(US TV Series) and how good it is.
3. I am a fanatic tv watcher, but I don't watch series/movie because of actors/actress or because of hype or anything. I watch tv series because of storyline and characteristic. And even if the storyline isn't what I expect or bad as hell, I won't be typing a blog article over the internet. Winter Sonata falls into the category as "Worst than hell" in my book.

yur da most selfish humanbeing on earth! wats wrong wit u? hello, kdrams r...exquisite. i can't live w/o them, and many people will agree wit me. u only watched 1 drama n you're vowing u'll never watch another 1? crazy, crazy...
ilovekorea | 03.31.05 - 12:04 am | #

Maybe you are right. Just maybe I am the most selfish human being on earth, but what does that have to do with me saying "Kdramas Sucks!"?

take out yur dam pic,man
ya killed da whole site;;
i don't like the winter story or whatever it's caled,but the girl's hot.
xiangpower3 | 03.31.05 - 12:08 am | #

What picture?

what the hell is jdrama? japanese drama? if yur chinese, why not watch chinese drama? n yur talking shit about korean dramas? or is it just dat no one (includin me) don't know what jdrama is?!
rookietong | 03.31.05 - 12:11 am | #

Yes, Jdrama is Japanese Drama. Yes, I am chinese. And I also watched chinese serials. In fact, TVB's 2004 lineups I almost completely watched ALL series except for a couple that I don't like. And the best TVB series so far I watched is Triumph In The Skies, The Last Breakthrough...and a few more...
And yes, if you understand that much about my article, and even know what Kdramas means(in which you mentioned Korean Dramas), then why are you asking me what Jdramas is?

I don't know why you hate Kdrama so much. I am a chinese too and I have no problem with Kdrama. Once I watched a Korean drama and i found it so boring. I always think that Kdrama is always the same thing. One of the character always die form cancer or natural cause. However that doesn't stop me from watching Kdrama. I didn't know what "jewel in the Palace" is about, but I heard a lot of people are watching it and has high rating so i rent two episodes. I found it really interesting and is very different from other Kdrama. Full of details and K history. I love it so please stop dissing other people culture because you are turning racist. By the way TVB is going to realease a Jdrama that is almost similar to "jewel in the Palace" so compare which one did better by that time BIAS!!!
panamanian | 04.12.05 - 2:50 am | #

Firstly, I already wrote why I hate Kdramas, didn't you read?

Secondly, this is the first time I have been called racist because I say "I hate Kdramas". Did I also say/wrote that I also hate Koreans? Don't remember that I do. Read first?

Thirdly, can you please kindly tell me what is the title of the Jdramas that TVB is going to show. I searched high and low and I cannot find any mentioned of it. It would help if I know the title of the Jdramas so that I can check and reply to your question.

Fourthly, I already said before "Call it bias or anything you want." So, fine by me if you are saying that I am bias.

Fifthly, Thank you for visiting my blog.

You're FAT. Get off the internet you loser and get a life. If I knew where you lived then I would give you a swift kick to the nads because of your ugly ass.

Now to get on subject Jdramas > ALL
KrzyPlaya | 06.17.05 - 8:46 pm | #

Ok, I don't get it, are you saying you agree with me but don't agree with me because I am FAT?

Oh yeah, in the true Cartman spirit "Damn, that's one fat ASS!" = ME. SO?

Anyway, because someone asked me why I did not watch chinese drama, here is my answer.
To be honest, I have watched chinese dramas since I was a little boy. My late grandmother was an avid drama watcher. She would rent the serials and I would be joining her and watching them. Until now I am still watching chinese dramas. In fact, I have watched more chinese dramas then I have watched Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series). And yet I still think Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series) are better than chinese dramas and chinese dramas are still better than Kdramas(Korean Drama Series).
Hence, Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series) are better than Chinese Dramas Series(Hong Kong,China,Taiwan..etc) are better than Kdramas(Korean Drama Series).

Jdramas > Cdramas > Kdramas

If I were to take the western tv series into the picture, it would be

Jdramas > US TV Series & Cdramas > Kdramas

If you don't know why I am talking about "soul", then please read this first before flaming me to hell -> Jdramas beats the crap out of Kdramas

Info for those who don't have a clue :
Jdramas - Japanese Drama Series
HKdramas - Hong Kong Drama Series
Cdramas - Chinese Drama Series (which also includes HKdramas)
US TV Series - United States of America Television Drama Series
Kdramas - Korean Drama Series

I can feel the "soul" in a storyline, can you?
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