Thursday, March 17, 2005

Detective Jim Dunbar is...NOT the Daredevil

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A heist gone wrong. A gunman with an AK-47. Three officers trapped without ammo. His partner frozen in fear, Detective Jim Dunbar without hesitation took action of intense bravery that killed the gunman, saved the officers and made him a hero. He also took a bullet that blinded him forever.

Most officers injured in the line of duty opt for desk jobs or early retirement. Not Dunbar. He's rehabilitated both body and attitude and fought his way back to active duty. His fresh start at a new precinct is threatened by the simple truth that no one really wants him to work there. His new partner, Karen Bettencourt, sure as hell doesn't trust him to cover her back. They're all in for the shock of their lives, because being blind makes Dunbar a better cop than he ever has been.

This is the latest tv series to hit the US. It's the first TV series that caters for the visually-impaired!!

Some might say this is a ripped off from Daredevil. However, Detective Jim Dunbar is not Daredevil. He needs his dog named Hank to help him get along the streets of New York. He needs his partner to tell him his crime scenes. He needs to go see a shrink!! He can only use his gun in self-defense and can be only use in a close encounter with criminals.

He got a lot of problems with his colleague down at the precinct. Everyone doesn't want him there because he is blind. His partner thinks he is holding her back because he is blind. The whole police force thinks he is making a mistake coming back into active duty as a homicide detective because he is blind! His wife wants to help him, but he is pushing her away. His friends....he doesn't have any friends anymore.

But Detective Jim Dunbar isn't letting all this get to him. He is going to do his job blind or no blind.

Although I really think he needs some help with his attitude of his. Sometimes, he just really needs some tiny little help.

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