Monday, March 21, 2005

Being Public Enemy No.1

I pissed football loving people with this blog entry -> I HATE Football

I also pissed people with this blog entry -> I plan to have 2 wifes staying under one roof!

I also also pissed Kdramas lovers with this blog entry -> Jdramas beats the crap out of Kdramas

Then I also pissed IE people with this entry -> IE gets Smackdown from Firefox

First two entry totally pissed people off.
Third entry apparently wasn't as powerful as the first two.
The last entry didn't do much at all.

How is life being Public Enemy No.1?
Dunno. I have dodged flames and bullets on a daily basis, just dunno how much more will be coming.

Do I really care if I become Public Enemy No.1?
I don't really care the least bit.

It's not easy being me!!! :)

Send your flames,bullet casings,dead bloody chicken,dogs blood..etc to -> "Tell Me Your Beyond Thoughts Dreams"