Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Picture Is Worth A Million Words.

Few months back, I shifted my blog's objective from "Everything Under The Sun" to "Everything About TV Series/Japanese Dramas and Animes". Apparently it was the right decision to take. For me a least. However, the downside of that, I don't have much things to talk about that other people hasn't already talk about about the TV series, Japanese Dramas and Animes since I rely on downloading to get the latest TV series from the US, the UK, and Jdramas and Animes from Japan. So, I get the latest, but still late by a few days. By that time, all the TV Fanatics would have ran out of things to say. So, I decided to start a segment call "ScreenShots Reviews". It's technically not a review since all the posts is just screenshots, but because I like the name I just put "ScreenShots Reviews".

Now, why I choose this path? Well, because whole my life, I am not good at words and explaination and stuff. In order to prove a point, I do it or show a picture or even draw a picture. I find out it is easier to show a picture/diagram/graph/....etc than explaining. Visual teaching is what I learned from teaching my non-geek friends about computers and stuff. Explaining ain't my strong point, so I teach them visually with the aid of the computer and pictures.

That's why I started "ScreenShots Reviews". It is to show those who haven't watched a particular series about the series visually, without downloading it or read about it. Afterall, the old people like to say "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words". As for me, I think it is worth more than a Thousand. It's worth at least a Million words. :)

I leave you all with the Straw Hat Pirate crew from One Piece
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