Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jdramas > Kdramas aka DIE KDRAMAS!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why everyone is into Kdramas (Korean Tv series) nowadays. It started with Winter Sonata and now the most recent is Jewel In The Palace.
I just don't know why Kdramas are any good to watch. The storyline for Winter Sonata totally sucks. Before anyone ask, I DID watch Winter Sonata, and that was and will be the last Kdrama I ever will watch.

I wished we were back to the days where tv stations like TV3 and nTV7 would show Jdramas, but that will remain a dream, since almost(almost) everyone (excluding me and my cousin) is into Kdramas. Damnit, to those who like Kdramas, you all have very very bad taste!!!


I have asked those watching Kdramas, and the TOP reason they give me are "The girls are beautiful", "The guys are handsome."

Oh BOO HOO!. Is that the only reason?

So what if Jewel In The Palace is the top Kdrama at the moment? SO WHAT?

I bet GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) would beat it's (Jewel's) ass any day!

Lots of Jdramas had better storyline, better actors compare with Winter Sonata.

Yeah, yeah, you all might say "You haven't watch Jewel In The Palace yet, how you know it suck?"

Call it biased or anything you want. I just don't like Kdramas and the hype. Winter Sonata was the last one that I have seen and from there, my conclusion is final.

Again, you all might say "Don't make assumption just because you don't like Winter Sonata."

This is my answer, I don't like Kdramas not because I don't like Winter Sonata. No, that not the reason. I don't like Kdramas because while watching Winter Sonata, there is no "Soul" in the series. It's a feel thing. You all can say all you want, but I watch tv series because I can feel it. And only Kdrama's didn't give me any feelings when watching. Winter Sonata didn't give me any feel, nor did Autumn In My Heart (I didn't watch Autumn, but I did peek at a few episodes). And there wasn't any "Soul/Feelings" in it.

Bring back the Jdramas TV3! Bring back the Jdramas nTV7(why I even bother to tell nTV7?).

At least 8TV did show Jdramas. Kudos to them.


One more thing why I like Jdramas over Kdramas(in fact I HATE Kdramas).
Jdramas have great opening theme songs and also music in their series!!!!
GTO's theme song Poison is one damn good song!!!
Beautiful Life's theme song is damn good song too!!!
So it most of the Jdramas series that I have watched. And the reason is? There is "SOUL" in them!!!

Kdramas?'s like Angel without the soul. Which is? Angelus! the EVIL vampire that should be removed from Angel!!!!!

Why I say Jdramas has soul in them? because GTO is one Jdrama that managed to make me cry no matter how many times I watched it. There is a "soul" in them!!!

A screen shot from GTO. Part of Onizuka's name is the character for "Soul". And those scenes always makes me cry no matter how many times I watched it.(yeah, I HAVE to repeat that!)

That's the power of Jdramas.

I don't feel any "Soul" from Kdramas. Not once in Winter Sonata.
It's like a shell, hollow in the inside.

So, conclusion. Jdramas > Kdramas.

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