Sunday, March 06, 2005

Just to tell you all how much I hate Soccer and MU

Over the years, almost everywhere I go, I could see things that are related to soccer. Car bumper stickers, t-shirts, jerseys and anything in between soccer and MU.

Oh, how I hate soccer and how I hate MU even more.

22 idiots running around a field, kicking a ball isn't entertainment nor is it "beautiful".
plus 2 more idiots standing beside the field shouting at the 22 idiots on the field isn't entertainment either.
plus another billions of idiots out there watching those 22 idiots plus the 2 idiots doing something that is *believed* to be "Beautiful"!

I just wished soccer would go away or at least stop being a "Beautiful Game". Obviously there ISN'T anything Beautiful about it!!!!

I also wished my friends would stop talking about MU, Chealsea or Arsenal or Liverpool or talk about this player score this goal, that goal.

I wished my friends would talk about OTHER THINGS and not just about "The worst nightmare that lots of people believes is a Beautiful Game."


I have heard enough, I have listened enough, I have ENDURED enough!

This bloody game isn't anywhere "Beautiful"

Someone asked me who am I to say that soccer isn't a Beautiful Game?
My answer : I am a very nobody, but I am somebody that knows that while lots of people out there believes it is a "Beautiful Game", I don't believe it's even worth the mentioned of "Beautiful Game". It's just any other sports out there and nothing more. No game is beautiful. Only people that believes in them "claimed" it is "beautiful". It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

Another someone asked me what did soccer did to me and my family?
My answer : Simply put it, I just don't like soccer. Soccer didn't do anything to me or my family. I just simply don't like/hate it.

Another another someone told me to keep my comments to myself.
My answer :

Another another another someone say I am a chinese retard
My answer :

breaktalk said that I should respect football, even if I don't understand or don't like football
My answer : Why do I have to respect something that I hate to the very core?

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