Friday, May 13, 2005

The ONLY way to stop Peer-to-Peer

The Entertainment industry thinks that by suing everyone they can save their dying/losing money/whatever they think it is industry. Yes, suing works! I have to admit, it does work. But it is a very short term strategy. They can't possibly stop everything just by suing. Assuming they can shut down all bittorrent trackers, which will render bittorrent useless. There are still MANY other Peer-To-Peer clients/networks out there in the World Wild Web! Some are PRIVATE network that only caters for friends and families. Some have major encryption that it would take major CPU power, time or maybe even money to break into them. Maybe they (Entertainment Industry) might win the battle in taking out bittorrent tracker sites (we might never know though), but they sure ain't hell going to win the war. So, assuming bittorrent it totally wiped out. The downloaders will still download only the option would be others Peer-To-Peer networks!

Think about it. Before there was bittorrent, people were still happily downloading via other Peer-To-Peer networks. The only advantage that bittorrent has is that downloaders are able to download at a faster pace. So, wiping out bittorrent isn't going to stop downloaders or cut down the spreading of copyrighted content! They only managed to bring everyone back to the days before bittorrent. And, as I remember correctly, I was using emule, kazaa..etc. So, will the spreading of copyrighted content lessen after wiping out bittorrent? Yes and No. Yes as in, some people that doesn't know how to use other Peer-To-Peer network will be lost. No as in, there is still TONS of Peer-To-Peer client that downloaders can use.

So, the ONLY way to stop Peer-To-Peer is........SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET. It's a 100% method to stop the spreading of copyrighted contents!