Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why did the chicken cross the road?

This is my TV Series Original's answer to the ever famous question!

Doctor Who (2005) : The chicken crossed the road? Fantastic!!!

Joan of Arcadia : Damn it! Should I let the chicken cross the road? or should I help it cross the road? or should I stop it from crossing the road? Why do GOD give me this type of assignments?

Kevin Hill : OBJECTION Your Honour. This is hearsay. No one saw the chicken crossed the road!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer : [runs after the chicken because it was chased by a vampire]

Gil Grissom (CSI) : Evidence tells us that not only did the chicken tried to cross the road, but it got hit by a large vehicle. Maybe a truck or a van. See the blood splatters? It got run over by more than one vehicle.

Charmed ->
Piper : Pheebs! Did you see that chicken cross the road?
Phoebe : Yes I did!
Paige : What crossed the road?
Leo : It could be a crossing road chicken demon!

Gilmore Girl ->
Lolerai : Geez, a chicken crossed the road.
Rory : I can’t believe it. A chicken actually crossed the road!
Luke : I don’t believe it! You two actually believe a chicken can cross the road?
Emily : Don’t be ridiculous! Chicken don’t cross roads. They should be put in a hen house where they won’t be running about littering the place!
Richard : I say, I don’t believe a chicken is capable of crossing the road.

Cold Squad (Canada) : Another chicken crossed the road? The last one crossed the road 15 years ago!

Point Pleasant : You are the daughter of the devil. The chicken is just one of the pieces in this game where in the end you will lead your Army of Darkness to take over the world!

Alias : Sdyney, your mission is to follow that chicken across the road. Find out what’s it is up to. The chicken is part of a terrorist group called “The Chicken Crossing”.