Wednesday, June 30, 2004

[TVB]To Get Unstuck In Time

TVB's 2004 lineup, this show got my attention by just reading the title of it. The show is about a police officer and how he solved cold cases by communicating with his father in the past by using an old handphone. Yeah, I know this isn't an original idea. It was ripped off from the movie "Frequency". But hey, I haven't watch "Frequency", so who cares? It is the how the storyline is implemented that is important. And after watching 4 episodes of the series, I am impressed with the storyline is being laid out. However, one disturbing thing about this series is, when I watched the opening theme song scenes, some of the scenes in the opening song is very disturbing. Disturbing in the senses that I don't really like what the storyline is going to turn out as the story progressed. If my experiences as a fanfiction writer has anything to go by, I just don't like the prediction that I have made for the storyline just by watching the scenes from the opening theme song. Call me paranoid or over thinking, I don't care. I think this is one story that is going to get on my nerves for "unlimited possibilities" in the storyline. I think this series is also going to be one of my favourite series too. If you all remember, I like to think about the possibilities, and this show really fits that bill.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I am INSANE!!! or Not.

Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Steel Chairs
Your Favorite Target:Idiots and Morons
Your Kill Count:999,999,999,999,999
Your Battle Cry:"Beans."
Years You Spend in Jail:35
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$136,678,120,857,562,234,543
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 16%

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am bored. So, sue me.

Me, using email again to blog. For no apparent reason. Must be the boredness or something like that. Or it is just me? I really don't have the slightest clue. I wanted to play Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, but then this level is freaking hard. So, I got lazy again,and now I am stuck with nothing to do. Anyone out there can help me overcome this boredom?




Saturday, June 26, 2004

Gmail invites - You have 1 invitation.

Nani? Only one invitation? Sigh. And I thought I could invite more than just 1 person. So, I had to give my cousin priority first. The rest who had bookings with me will have to wait a little bit more to get an invitation.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Silent Hill 4 : Aftermath - Speaker problems

After the initial excitement of getting the Silent Hill 4 : The Room OST, the aftermath is a bit disappointing. First, I notice my speaker is having some weird "clicking" sound at 2 second intervals. It will happen no matter what, with the exception of turning it off. Even with the computer turned off and the speaker on, the clicking sound is still there. What the hell? I just bought the speakers no too long ago, or should I say, about 1 month ago, and now it is annoying me to hell with the clicking sound. Blardy hell.

So, I had to dig out my old speaker and pack up the new speaker. Damn, now to suffer another annoying thing that result from the using of my old speaker. That is, if anyone called me on my handphone or my handphone is updating itself, the frequency interferences will cause my old speaker to Buzz like hell. However, it is better than having the annoying "clicking" sound at 2 seconds intervals.

Hell, now I have to check if my new speaker is in good condition or not. If not I have to travel 400km to Kuala Lumpur, find my cousin and do a RMA. :(

Bloody. :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Silent Hill : Akira Yamaoka's Heaven's Night

Just finished downloading Silent Hill 4 : The Room Original Soundtracks.Now, I am adding the whole OST to Foobar2000 and click play.

First song - /me is listening to Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Tender Sugar [#01 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|189kbps|5:32] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]
Do I even need to say anything? It blew me away!
10 out of 10 rating.

Slowly as I type out this blog, each song blew away my music senses. The town of Silent Hill suddenly appear before me. I see the notorious fog of Silent Hill blinding parts of the buildings. As each song played, it was apparent Akira Yamaoka had did it again. He dished out a superb OST.

I had to skipped a few songs, since my cousin was telling this song is good, that song is even better, until I don't know which song to listen to. So, in the end, I settle for song number 21 -

/me is listening to Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Room Of Angel [#21 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|180kbps|7:08] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

Indeed. Another superb song by Akira Yamaoka, while Mary is really GOOD!

After song number 21, the next track is song number 22 -

/me is listening to Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Waiting For You ~LIVE AT "Heaven's Night"~ (Unreleased Tunes) [#22 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|235kbps|6:19] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

And this one really BLEW ME TOTALLY AWAY! The background guitar by Akira Yamaoka is at par or even better than his previous Silent Hill OST. However, I would like to say that ALL of Akira's works are top notch music. He is truely the God of Guitar.

My recommendation?
GET THIS OST by HOOK or BY CROOK! Now, would you excuse me while I relisten to song number 22. It is truely Akira Yamaoka's Heaven's Night.

Additionals :

Now that I have listened to a few more songs, here is the few more l33t music from the OST that is a must listen.(in no particular order)

/me is listening to Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Your Rain [#15 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|191kbps|4:42] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

/me is listening to Akira Yamaoka - Nightmarish Waltz [#13 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|171kbps|3:09] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

/me is listening to Akira Yamaoka, Joe Romersa - Cradel Of Forest [#11 @ SILENT HILL 4 THE ROOM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS (DISC 1) (2004)] [MP3|194kbps|6:30] [foobar2000 v0.8.2]

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Gmail!!!! (2)

I didn't know I could publish blog entries by using emails. Thanks to *^Ðü§tyh@wk^* from Broken Mirror blog, I found out I could use email to publish my blog entries!

So, this is a testing,testing, 1,2,3!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2004

CSI mania!

First it was CSI Las Vegas. Gil Grissom and his CSI team of Catherine Willows,Warrick Brown,Nick Stokes,Sara Sidle,Dr. Al Robbins and Greg Sanders took the TV world by storm. Then came CSI:Miami. Horatio Caine,Tim Speedle,Eric Delko,Alexx Woods and Calleigh Duquesne brought another storm into the TV world. Thus, the CSI era had already begun. The next CSI TV show to appear will be CSI:New York. Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor will be leading his New York CSI team as the show hits the TV screen in the US in November 2004. And the CSI dream continues.....

On a personal note, CBS's CSI can be so popular, probably because of the mystery and advanced technology that appeared in the show. I don't know if forensic sciences can actually be learned by watching the show, but I have to admit it, after watching Grissom and gang tear their cases wide open with their technology and their knowledge, I am interested in forensic sciences. One most interesting thing about the show however would be the usage of DNA profiling. Most of the cases was solved because of DNA acquired at the crime scenes. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are molecules that carry the genetic information necessary for the organization and functioning of most living cells and control the inheritance of characteristics. Only recently that DNA is the heavily debated topic because people have managed to clone using DNA. So, I do think the show do educate people on the usefulness of DNA. However, cloning is still a big issue that is still been debated. I will leave it at that.

Back to CSI. Season 4 of CSI Las Vegas ended and I can't wait for more CSI when it returns in August. And I can't wait for CSI New York to debut in November. Before I stop, I wonder if there will be other CSI shows in the making? CSI Chicago perhaps? You can never know as the CSI Era is still in it's "Golden Age".

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Yeah, I finally got invited into Gmail! With 1GB of email space, I wonder if I would be able to finish using it or not. But who cares? As long as I now have a Gmail address, I can brag about it!!! Heheheheheheheh.

Anyway, want to Gmail with me? send mails to
I have the space to accommodate for all!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

[無綫電視]皆大歡喜2之我等的不耐煩 !(2)





Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Ok, the first Gundam series I am going to watch. Gundam Seed. However, only managed to download 4 episodes for the moment. Well, because the version I downloaded is DVD ripped. So, it is very clearer than the VCD version's.

Well, I will write up more when I finish watching episode 1 to episode 4. Until then, look out for more Gundam action from me. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My blog looks terrible on computer's that doesn't have chinese support.

I know majority of people don't have chinese support install onto their Windows machine. Well, there is really nothing I can do however. I will still continue to blog in dual language. Chinese and English. I am Chinese, and I will use my native language to blog regardless. Even if those visiting my blog can't even read Chinese. At least 1 in 10 can read or has chinese support installed.

If you know chinese and want to read my blog entries that are written in chinese, then I suggest that you install Chinese support go here -> How to install East Asian Language Support Under Windows XP
you can go here -> NJWIN CJK Viewer. (NJWIN is a "plugin" software designed to enable normal windows programs to display and print Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) characters under the standard English and Western Windows environment.)

Hope you all who like to read my blog will be able to read the chinese characters using the above two methods. Good Luck.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004




Monday, June 14, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony 2 - Waiting in agony 3!

Another of my ranting about waiting for episodes of Virtues of Harmony 2 to arrive. It just can't stop. Why? Because I am totally restless. I need to know what happen after episode 224!!! I just need to know!!! I could go and rent episode 225 to 228 now, but what's the use? I have to wait another week for episode 229 to 232! And another week later for episode 233 to 236, and so on! I just can't do that! I want to know the storyline ALLL ATTTT ONCEEEE!!!!

So, I rather sacrifice and WAIT 5 MONTHS!!! Geez......5 months just for 100 episodes. Don't know if I can survive or not. I hope I can.

Additional ranting/venting :

I was almost forced to install REAL media player just to download Virtues Of Harmony 2. I simply can't wait for 5 months. Blardy hell.

However, my computer is more important than anything else. So, I rather wait. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony 2 - Waiting in agony 2!

I found out from my rental shop that they will only get 4 episodes per week. So, 5 weeks is 20 episodes, 10 weeks is 40, 15 weeks is 80, 20 weeks is 100. 20 weeks equals 5 months more or less. 5 months. Oh my god! I need to wait 5 months if I want to watch lots of episodes continously.

Geez, I wished I could just watch everything NOW!!! NOW!!!

Oh, someone please save me from this WAITING Hell!!!!!! ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH......

Additionals :

I am preparing to wait for 6 months for about 120 episodes of Virtues of Harmony 2. 6 months is a freaking long time to wait. Damn. This is really frustrating. And I can't download over the net because those Hong Kong people like to release them drama series in REAL format. And I don't like to use REAL format. :(


Additionals 2 :

Why am I crazy about a tv series/soap opera anyway? I will tell you all why. I am someone who learn from the storyline from the series. The question is : Learn what? Some people might argue that there is nothing to learn. It is in fact a TV series. It is all fiction. There is NOTHING to learn. I disagree.

I am not a normal person. I learn experiences from TV series. I grew up watching cartoons. I learn a lot from cartoons. Then I started watching tv series. And I learn from them. You might ask : What have I learned?

I learn about life. I learn what not to do in real life. I learn that people aren't as easy as they seem. Couple with my real life experiences, I have turned into someone who believe more in the TV than in real life. That is my curse.

But a curse that I intend to keep. It makes me special in the eyes of other people. Like I care if I turned out to be a freak? I am what I am. I don't intend to act as if I am someone else. That's just not me.

Friday, June 11, 2004 forum blues

Going back to forum. Dejavu all over again. This is the second time I have left and return to Weird. I can't seem to get away from it, and I am 25 years old and ain't no teenager anymore anyway. So, what is so special about

The only reason that I could think of is : it's Malaysian.

I think that's it!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony 2 - Waiting in agony!

No, there is nothing wrong with the series. It is just me in agony. My local TVB rental shop don't have available episode 225 and above. So, you see my dilemma! I have to wait for episode 225 and above to be available!!! That's the problem!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! I just cannot wait, I need to know the storyline as it go!!! I can't just wait 1 month for episode 225 to be available!!!! I need to watch straight right up to episode 400+!! Letting me wait only makes me feel restless. I just need to know NOW!!! I can't wait! If anyone out there has Virtues of Harmony 2 available, GIVE ME!!! NOW!!!
Please, I beg of you!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Additionals :

Not that I am a tv fanatic. I just want to know the storyline as soon a possible instead of waiting day by day,week by week. I rather know the storyline hour by hour. So, I can finish a 400 episode series in 1 week or less. I admit I am crazy, but I just need to know the storyline. Why? Because I learn from the storyline and incorporate the storyline into my own real life. Why again? because I am in the process of creating my own style, my own living and my own lifestyle. I REFUSE to follow what normal people do. Just like Frank Sinatra's song "My Way". [quote]I did it my way[/quote]

So, everything I do and plan to do, I will do it MY WAY!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


真是氣死我了!皆大歡喜2有四百多集,但是我沒辦法看到那麽多集應為我暫時只能借到兩百二十四集!結下的要等!天啊!我等不到!!!!!!您應該會問“為什麽等不到哪?” 答案是:我天身的好奇心太大,想要知道的東西一定要快!現在就麻煩了!我等不到,也沒辦法,應為我借無綫連戲劇的那閒店只來到兩百二十四集!要等!.


Monday, June 07, 2004

Watching TV series

Angel ended. Buffy ended.CSI,CSI Miami all season finale (waiting for another season). Charmed is not worth watching after the middle of Season 5. Alias got uninteresting. The rest I either need to watch starting from Season 1, or it is not shown in Malaysian TV...YET.

Renting US TV series is impossible as there is no shops in Malaysia that is willing to do rental. However, you can buy the DVD versions of Buffy , Alias....and a few more US TV series. However, buying is damn expensive. Some people can't afford it, while I think it is a waste of money just to buy the DVD version of the series when you can download it over the internet using Kazaa(highly recommended NOT TO USE IT), Emule...etc.

However, recently the US TV series is getting more uninteresting. Good series like Angel and Buffy ended. Both of them are good series. I wished they didn't end so soon. However, all good things shall come to an end eventually. I hoped there are better series being produced in the coming future.

I am now more into Hong Kong TV series. It was 50 - 50 then when Charmed gone to hell, I watched more Hong Kong TV series than I used to. I even stop watching Alias after the plot got tooooooo predictable (it must be just me).

I love to watch TV series, but the US TV series obviously needs to inject some new blood into the storyline. I wouldn't want to just watch Hong Kong TV series if the storyline or plots get worst and worst or simply put it, the scriptwriter's RAN OUT OF IDEAS.



  词曲/陈颂红 主唱/罗嘉良

  银河像雾 变化无穷
  偏想看 第二片天空
  玄玄幻幻 跌入迷宫

  光与影再不相逢 尽化作奇梦
  仍然放纵 浮世 任我掌控

  让我抱紧感觉 就算看不见将来

  用半生精彩 来埋没感慨
  横渡那星海 换一个未来



Saturday, June 05, 2004

[華語版]從頭開始 : 斯佛尼之龍神劍的傳説

在斯佛尼裏,“龍神劍”就是天下第一,無劍能比, 的超級兵器!“龍神劍”之下的十三個兵器,有八個是劍,三個是矛和最後兩個是盾。八個劍是:紅豹劍,無名怪劍,鬼劍,天地劍,毒怪之天劍,十三美女劍,羅漢劍 和 無劍。三個矛是:山天水矛,龍鳳矛 和 盜矛。最後兩個盾是:笑盾 和矛盾。

龍神劍本來就是不是什麽特別的劍,而是應為這個劍在一万年前是個破劍。一万年前,有個英雄跟一條龍打鬥,但是這條龍太強了,這位英雄無用武之地,就被這條龍打得分身碎骨。這位英雄的劍也被這條龍打碎,只留下劍柄。而這支劍柄就被留在龍洞裏。一百年后,這條龍應為跟一位英雄同歸已經死了。這條龍死了之後,留下一顆龍珠。龍珠踫到劍柄而產生了反應,這支劍柄就慢慢的恢復原型。恢復的過程很慢,應為它用了五千年才恢復原型!恢復的劍就留在同裏多一千年。過後,被一位商人找到。這位商人就把這支劍帶在身邊。應為這支劍,這位商人的運氣增加百倍,他的生意在一年之間發揚寬大,變成最有錢的商人!但是,這支劍的龍氣太強了,這位商人應受不了龍氣而去世。這位商人去世后,他的兩位兒子爲了爭家產,不折手段的想辦法把對方除掉!這位商人的兩位兒子爭了七年,最後被身邊的人抹殺了!商人的兩位兒子被殺了之後,商人的家產被這兩位兒子身邊的人搶走了!而那支劍就落在其中一位搶那商人的家產的人。那位人想把那支劍買了,但是還沒買之前就被龍氣殺了。這支劍過後就過一手又一手,而每一位主人都死在龍氣之下!。這支劍過後就過一手又一手,而每一位主人都死在龍氣之下!這支劍最後就被稱爲“死劍”,過後就被一位勇士為民犧牲,把他自己和“死劍”封在一個山洞裏。原以爲這位勇士是逼死無疑,就在這時候一位魔法師應知道“死劍”的神力,一時私心上身想把“死劍“的威力用來統一世界。那位勇士知道魔法師的惡意,就發誓要保護“死劍”與不要“死劍”落在惡魔法師的手上。但是,惡魔法師的魔法太強,易如反掌就把勇士打敗了!魔法師要拿走劍的時候,勇士用他最後的力量把“死劍”打斷成兩片過後就死了!惡魔法師見“死劍”已經斷成兩片,他的統一天下的夢就這樣消息,就應為這樣,惡魔法師一時接受不了現實,發揮了他全部的魔法把整座山和自己炸平了!惡魔法師不只是把山炸平,而山附近的幾個鄉村也被炸平,使到千多的人民慘死。過後,那個地方就被稱爲“死亡之地”。就這樣,“死劍”就這樣的消息在“死亡之地”。數百年過後,“死亡之地”應為“死劍”的影響,變化成一片比地獄更恐怖的地方!“死劍”的龍氣也使一些動物產生變化,變得很恐怖威猛。最恐怖的就是守護“死劍”的其中一片的怪物。這支怪物被稱爲“龍頭象身”,應為這支怪物身體像一支象而頭就像龍頭!“死劍”的另一部分,使被一只鳳凰守護。這支鳳凰不是動物變化的怪物,而是龍氣產生的怪物。鳳凰每年都死,而死了之後又復活,是世界上唯一死不去的怪物!“死亡之地”名不虛傳,迎來了英雄好漢,也迎來了惡魔鬼怪,全部都想得到鳳凰的“死又復活”的秘訣。可惜的,“龍頭象身" 和鳳凰的實力強大,十有九死一傷,活的也只留下胖條生命,求生不得生,求死不得死!日子一天一天的過去,英雄好漢惡魔鬼怪兩方受嚴重的死傷和損失,悄悄的放棄了得到“死又復活”的秘訣的念頭。最後,只留下十三個追求者。三位勇士,八位魔法師,一位惡魔,一位劍士。十三位追求者,知道要單獨戰“龍頭象身”和鳳凰是不可能的。他們就合力戰“龍頭象身”,最後成功的打敗“龍頭象身”。雖然已打敗“龍頭象身”,但是十三位最求者傷的傷,死的死,留下惡魔,劍士 和一位魔法師面對不死身的鳳凰。


Wednesday, June 02, 2004