Thursday, June 24, 2004

Silent Hill 4 : Aftermath - Speaker problems

After the initial excitement of getting the Silent Hill 4 : The Room OST, the aftermath is a bit disappointing. First, I notice my speaker is having some weird "clicking" sound at 2 second intervals. It will happen no matter what, with the exception of turning it off. Even with the computer turned off and the speaker on, the clicking sound is still there. What the hell? I just bought the speakers no too long ago, or should I say, about 1 month ago, and now it is annoying me to hell with the clicking sound. Blardy hell.

So, I had to dig out my old speaker and pack up the new speaker. Damn, now to suffer another annoying thing that result from the using of my old speaker. That is, if anyone called me on my handphone or my handphone is updating itself, the frequency interferences will cause my old speaker to Buzz like hell. However, it is better than having the annoying "clicking" sound at 2 seconds intervals.

Hell, now I have to check if my new speaker is in good condition or not. If not I have to travel 400km to Kuala Lumpur, find my cousin and do a RMA. :(

Bloody. :(