Sunday, June 13, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony 2 - Waiting in agony 2!

I found out from my rental shop that they will only get 4 episodes per week. So, 5 weeks is 20 episodes, 10 weeks is 40, 15 weeks is 80, 20 weeks is 100. 20 weeks equals 5 months more or less. 5 months. Oh my god! I need to wait 5 months if I want to watch lots of episodes continously.

Geez, I wished I could just watch everything NOW!!! NOW!!!

Oh, someone please save me from this WAITING Hell!!!!!! ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH......

Additionals :

I am preparing to wait for 6 months for about 120 episodes of Virtues of Harmony 2. 6 months is a freaking long time to wait. Damn. This is really frustrating. And I can't download over the net because those Hong Kong people like to release them drama series in REAL format. And I don't like to use REAL format. :(


Additionals 2 :

Why am I crazy about a tv series/soap opera anyway? I will tell you all why. I am someone who learn from the storyline from the series. The question is : Learn what? Some people might argue that there is nothing to learn. It is in fact a TV series. It is all fiction. There is NOTHING to learn. I disagree.

I am not a normal person. I learn experiences from TV series. I grew up watching cartoons. I learn a lot from cartoons. Then I started watching tv series. And I learn from them. You might ask : What have I learned?

I learn about life. I learn what not to do in real life. I learn that people aren't as easy as they seem. Couple with my real life experiences, I have turned into someone who believe more in the TV than in real life. That is my curse.

But a curse that I intend to keep. It makes me special in the eyes of other people. Like I care if I turned out to be a freak? I am what I am. I don't intend to act as if I am someone else. That's just not me.