Wednesday, June 30, 2004

[TVB]To Get Unstuck In Time

TVB's 2004 lineup, this show got my attention by just reading the title of it. The show is about a police officer and how he solved cold cases by communicating with his father in the past by using an old handphone. Yeah, I know this isn't an original idea. It was ripped off from the movie "Frequency". But hey, I haven't watch "Frequency", so who cares? It is the how the storyline is implemented that is important. And after watching 4 episodes of the series, I am impressed with the storyline is being laid out. However, one disturbing thing about this series is, when I watched the opening theme song scenes, some of the scenes in the opening song is very disturbing. Disturbing in the senses that I don't really like what the storyline is going to turn out as the story progressed. If my experiences as a fanfiction writer has anything to go by, I just don't like the prediction that I have made for the storyline just by watching the scenes from the opening theme song. Call me paranoid or over thinking, I don't care. I think this is one story that is going to get on my nerves for "unlimited possibilities" in the storyline. I think this series is also going to be one of my favourite series too. If you all remember, I like to think about the possibilities, and this show really fits that bill.