Monday, May 02, 2005

People underestimate me.

hmm...I realised you have pretty cheap taste in anime.

Ok ok...i know what you are going to reply next.
" This is my ANIME!!!! I don't care what people thinks about my taste and I will continue to watch my ANIME!!!! Who are you to comment on my taste!"

Well, I seriously think that you have lousy taste.
kiddy | 05.02.05 - 12:05 pm | #

Seriously and frankly and honestly, people really underestimate me. I only started serious anime watching a few years ago and I am not a picky person. So far, no one noticed that my anime list which is listed here is just too little. That's because I (REPEAT) I only seriously started watching animes a few years ago.

Anyway, I will watch ANY animes that I can get my hands on. But the only limitation is my hardisk space and also the seeders of the animes. Availability is the main factor. So, if I can't find episode 1 of an anime, I will put that off first until I can find and download it. So, I will try to download any animes that is available WITH subtitles at the bittorrent sites.

And kiddy, I suspect you are just upset or very upset because of my articles Jdramas beat the crap out of Kdramas and Jdramas beat the crap out of Kdramas (II).

And lastly, I don't rate animes. I don't rate "lousy taste", nor I will rate "good taste", because I think so far ALL animes are GREAT. Maybe in this lifetime, I won't be able to watch ALL of them, but still EACH and EVERY animes I will say they are GREAT!
Now, I rate Animes. However, I will still try to watch all of them(if I can).

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I will watch everything that is related to tv except Kdramas. So, the only thing that I really have "BAD TASTE" "LOUSY TASTE" is only towards Kdramas.

One more thing kiddy, you forgot to recommend "GOOD TASTE" animes to me, so that I can put them on my anime queue (probably they are already on it), but I guess you are just too upset and forgot to tell me the animes that are "GOOD TASTE". Next time, please list down any "GOOD TASTE" anime so I can go download it as soon as possible. Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.