Saturday, April 23, 2005

I believe in God.

I believe in God. Sometimes, when I try to do somethings, there would always be something that would make it go wrong or unable to start doing it. Later, a change of style/ideas, and the whole thing started smoothly. It happened just a while ago. I was typing out a new blog entry and when I try to publish it, I can't seem to publish it because my internet connection can't seem to access!!(Other websites worked). Several re-tries later, and I still can't publish the blog entry!! So, I decided to reboot the computer but I forgot to save the blog entry!!! After my computer rebooted, I only realized that I didn't save the blog entry into notepad. And the irony of it is that is working again!!! I can't published that entry that I lost because I didn't/couldn't/forgotten to save it.

Maybe later I will try to do that blog entry again, and this time probably with some changes here and there and then maybe I can finally published it.

Ignore the example above, since people missunderstood it. Here is another example : It was February 14th(Not this year's Valentine's Day). There was this girl that I wanted to give a Valentine's present/gift/whatever you all call it. On that day, she was working, so I planned to drop in at her work place. Before I could start do anything, my handphone rang and my mom asked me to do something for her, so I did. Whole morning gone. So, I though I could go in the afternoon. My dad rang. He wanted me to go over to his school, which is about 40km away. So I went. Whole afternoon gone. Evening and my mom was back from work, she asked me to do something again! Before I know it, it was already night, I did meet up with the girl, but she won't accept my Valentine's gift/present/whatever. Maybe she was disappointed I didn't go early or something.
(Note: Don't say that my parents conspired to make me busy for the whole day, because my mom and my dad doesn't know about my private life/love life/whatever you call it. And they still don't!)

So, I believe God is always showing me the way to do things correctly or trying to prevent me from doing something. I think it has been that way all my life.


Wah, isn't that kind of extreme? So when TMnet's DNS prevents you from accessing, you don't call up TMnet guys got support, but call up God to 'show you the right way'.

Not insulting your 'God', but I believe that's a little extreme.
uzyn | Homepage | 04.24.05 - 1:53 pm | #

Uzyn missundertood the meaning of my entry. What I meant is that in process of trying to publish that entry, I hit a brick wall, or you can say God,or someone or something is trying to prevent me from publishing that entry. So, I ended up publishing this entry instead. I also was saying "that entry that I originally intended to publish was never meant to be". It was as if God didn't want me to publish it yet or want me to change something. I have had this type of situation before. I try to do something, but somehow there are forces trying to prevent me from doing it.

And maybe you might say it is "extreme", but when everyone else is able to access perfectly while I can't. What do you want me to think? And it didn't happen once,twice or thrice. It happened MANY TIMES for the past 20 years. And at some point in that time, there is still no internet yet or computers.

Believe it or not, I don't really care.
I am someone that believes in GOD, but I am not going to say that the God I believe in is Buddha, Jesus...etc.
I will only say "God". I don't differentiate which God, I just believe in GOD.
So, please stop saying "Your" God, "my" God or "everyone's" God, because I did not mention or even say which God.
I just say "GOD".