Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Grey's Anatomy

ABC's latest TV series about Surgical doctor's hits the US tv series scene with a bang! It is call Grey's Anatomy.

Meet Meredith Grey. She's a woman trying to lead a real life while doing a job that makes having a real life impossible.

Meredith is a first year surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, the toughest surgical residency program west of Harvard. She and fellow first-year interns Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev were students yesterday. Today they're doctors and, in a world where on the job training can be a matter of life and death, they're all juggling the ups and downs of their own personal lives.

Meet Meredith and her friend/fellow interns that she works with!


Dr.Meredith Grey

Dr.Christina Yang


Dr.Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Dr.George O'Malley

Dr.Alex Karev

And the surgical doctor's that "torture" their interns!

The Nazi
Dr.Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey (note: she is nicknamed "The Nazi" because she is a freaking hell surgical supervisor that give hell to her interns!)

Dr.Preston Burke the freaking idiot that thinks he is No.1 in that hospital!

Dr. Derek Shepherd.......he is/was sleeping with Dr. Meredith Grey. ;)

So, are you thinking being a doctor is easy now?

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