Sunday, April 03, 2005

My blog has lots of links?

Wingz from ROJAK DAILY asked me why I have so many links on my blog?

Quote from Malaysia Bloggers IRC Channel:
[04:30] [MaHaiGuRu] kljs u linked the whole fucking kampung in ur blog la
[04:30] [JxT2J] hahaha
[04:30] [JxT2J] the whole blogging kampung
[04:30] [kljs] what?
[04:30] [kljs] where?
[04:30] [MaHaiGuRu] ur blog lar .. ah pig ah dog also u linked lol
[04:30] [MaHaiGuRu] ur blog dem slow to load
[04:30] [MaHaiGuRu] y ar ?
[04:30] [JxT2J] me ?
[04:30] [JxT2J] aiseh
[04:30] [MaHaiGuRu] kljs
[04:31] [JxT2J] Oh :)
[04:31] [JxT2J] :D
[04:31] [MaHaiGuRu] not urs la JxT2J
[04:31] [kljs] really ah?
[04:31] [JxT2J] kljs mya pic too 9 heavy liao
[04:31] [JxT2J] haha
[04:31] [kljs] I have lots of links mah
[04:31] [kljs] hmmmmmm

Well, I didn't realized I really have an insane amount of links on my blog until he told me that. Come to think about it, I was linking bloggers and websites that I like to my blog every now and then. Now, seeing that I have like almost 100+ links to my blog, it is getting messy (according to Wingz lar).

So, is my blog having "link too many" problem?