Sunday, April 03, 2005

Gmail and how it totally wiped the competition away!!

April Fool's Day 2004, Google launched Gmail (beta stage). The plan was to give 1GB email storage space to it's users. Since it was April Fool's day, some people think it is a Google joke! But as the day goes by, slowly the internet community realized that this ain't no joke. In fact, Gmail has been born!

April Fool's Day 2005, Gmail again did something that everyone though was a April Fool's joke. Gmail says that is will increased it Gmail user's storage space to 2GB (2075MB to be exact)! Almost everyone was convinced that this time it IS a Google joke, but as it turns out, it is REAL once again. For the second time, Google has awe the internet community with it's 2GB Gmail upgrade to all it's user!

Is there no stopping the Google juggernaut?
Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail has been left way behind in the race to provide more email storage to it's users.

Here's a thought. Is 2GB of email storage necessary anyway? You tell me.