Monday, April 11, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion

Sousei no Aquarion

Bandai the company that started Mobile Suit Gundam, has released a new mecha tv series. It is call Sousei no Aquarion (Holy Genesis of Aquarion). It's the story of how earth got invaded by Fallen Angels and a breed of human called Elementals are earth's last hope against these Fallen Angels.


The Hero of the series. His name is Apollo and he ain't no reluctant hero! Now where did we see that X before?

Solar Aquarion
The team that form Solar Aquarion

Solar Aquarion
Solar Aquarion merged from three planes.

Vector Luna

Vector Mars

Vector Sol
The three planes called Vector. Vector Luna, Vector Mars and Vector Sol respectively.

The Aquarion Command Team
The Aquarion Command center top 4 in command!


Minions of the Fallen Angels

Merging Process
During the merging process of transforming into the Aquarion mechas. This is for Solar Aquarion.

Luna Aquarion Team
The merging team for Luna Aquarion (probably only for episode 1).

Aquarion Luna
Luna Aquarion

Solar Aquarion Firepower
Solar Aquarion's main weapon!

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