Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blogging and I (rev. II)

Let's do this again shall we?

Hello, my name is Kenny Lee Jian Siong. At first, I didn't want to follow the general trend that is now. Blogging. I never want to follow what other people does. I still don't. I only want to be myself. And yet I found out that sometimes I can't be myself. When I want to talk something there is no one to talk to. Everyone I know (my friends) just aren't interested in the things I am interested in. I want to talk about fantasy, possibilities, tv series, animes, anime music, game music..etc things that I am interested in. Before there was blogging, the only venue for me to talk is in online forums. When blogging started to burst into the online scene, I didn't care much about it since I, at that time thinks it's nothing interesting. Then I realized that I could just be talking to myself by blogging. So, I decided to blog not for other people's reading pleasure, but for myself. I found that I could go beyond imagination, beyond thoughts and beyond what I like to do. I could type down countless possibilities and yet not afraid that people would get bored about it. I believe there are people like me out there that like to talk about "possibilities". What is this "possibilities" that I am talking about? To me, I believe that this world is special with countless "possibilities". To other people, I believe the word is call "Fantasy" or to some people, it is just "thinking too much". I also blog because I want to tell people what I don't like. In my real life, I can't tell people I hate this, I hate that. Why? Because no one ever listens to what I said!

The title of my blog is call Beyond Thoughts Dreams [一個夢] (the chinese words means: One Dream).
My Tagline is : Thinking out loud in this impossible yet beautiful world.

And the countless "possibilities" this world holds.

Hello! 我的名叫恳尼李健雄。我本来並不想跟網絡的居民的风格,使用blogging。但是,我還是沒辦法,應為我跟我的朋友跟本就溝通不來。唯一的办法就是用 blogging来自己对自己谈。对了,我很爱谈话但是我想谈的東西更本就不合我的朋友的口味。我爱谈的是幻想神话,電影節目,日本卡通片,日本卡通片的音樂。。等等!不管是故事还是电影裏還是電視裏的,我都想谈。應為我朋友都是比較現實的想法,我根本就談不來和合不來。你們說是不是?一個很想幻想的人,哪能跟現實想法的人談得來哪?還有,我更本就不喜歡聼現代音樂,反而我喜歡聼日本卡通片的音樂。我的朋友就不明白爲什麽我只想聼日本卡通片的音樂,而不聼現代音樂!最後,我"blog"也應為我要跟大家講我本身最討厭的東西。我的朋友根本就沒在意我到底討厭什麽,應為他們根本就沒有聽到我的話!


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