Saturday, May 15, 2004

Blogging and I

Hello, my name is Kenny Lee Jian Siong. I didn't want to follow the general trend that is now. Blogging. I never want to follow what people do. I only want to be myself. And yet I can't. I want to talk but there is no one to talk to. Everyone I know just aren't interested in the things I am interested in. My interest is talking about "possibilities"! So in order to fullfill my fetish, I choose to follow what people are doing. That is blogging. I found that I could go beyond imagination, beyond thoughts and beyond what I like to do. I could type down countless possibilities and yet not afraid that people would get bored about it. I believe there are people like me out there that like to talk about "possibilities". What is this "possibilities" that I am talking about? To me, I believe that this world is special with countless "possibilities". To other people, I believe the word is call "Fantasy".

The title of my blog is call Beyond Thoughts. Thinking out loud in this impossible yet beautiful world. And the countless "possibilities" this world holds.

[Chinese version](DUH, I am Chinese.)
Hello, 我的名叫李健雄。我本来並不想跟網絡的居民的风格,使用blogging。但是我沒辦法,應為我跟我的朋友跟本就有事也談不來。唯一的办法就是用blogging来对自己谈。对,我很爱谈话但是我谈的都不合我的朋友的口味。我爱谈的是幻想神话,不管是故事还是电影里的,我都想谈。應為我朋友都是比較現實的想法,我根本就談不來和合不來。你們說是不是?一個很想幻想神话的人,哪能跟現實想法的人談得來哪?我雖然是個很想幻想神话的想法的人,但是我會分黑白,不會把神話和現實迷混起來。