Monday, May 17, 2004

[TV Talk]Charmed - The Cole Tragedy and [華語版]Piper&Leo's forgotten dream

Ok, now to get on with talking about the things I want to talk about and would love to talk about and about and about.......

I will start with a US Hit TV series Charmed. Charmed used to be one of my favourite TV series until the end of Season 4. That is when everything went downhill from there. First the writers kill off Cole. Ok, I can accept that to a certain extent,but I can't accept HOW they kill him off though. Cole was one very misunderstood person. And to make matters worst, his so-called soulmate Phoebe (one of the Charmed sister) also misunderstood him. Phoebe never did know the truth about what happen to Cole and never try to find out what really happen to Cole. If Phoebe and her two other sisters Piper and Paige went and find out what really happen to Cole, they would have know that Cole didn't become the Source in his own free will. He was manipulated by the Source that the Charmed Ones thought they have vanquished. However, it was not to be. The Charmed Ones had failed to understand and failed to find out about what happened to Cole. Last but not least, the Charmed Ones have forgotten what they are supposed to do and what they are NOT supposed to do. Maybe the argument is "Once a thief, always a thief.". So the Charmed Ones believed that no matter what Cole did, he is still evil. Even after Cole saved the Charmed Ones countless times. We chinese believes that "One Good Turn Deserved Another". But did Cole received any? I don't he did at all. He was misunderstood, given up by his soulmate, let down by friends, he got dust kicked into his face and worst of all he got vanquished TWICE by his so-called soulmate. It is just sad that a former EVIL demon that join the good side is treated like that. Doesn't he deserve any chance at all?

The above situation in real life is just the same as how people treat a criminal. Yes, you might argue that the vast majority of criminal don't deserve a second chance. I agree. They don't. But thinking about it, if these evil people does do some good, would you give them a chance? or will you keep on kicking dust into their face?

[Chinese version][華語版][The Cole Tragedy and Piper&Leo's forgotten dream]

美囯電視最受歡迎的Charmed(巫婆三姐妹)本來是我喜歡的電視節目。但是自從第八十八集過後,我越來越不喜歡在看了。應為我不喜歡寫編劇的作家把Cole "殺"了!Cole不是根本就不是一個壞人。但是巫婆三姐妹就沒有站在Cole的立場去明白他。最可恨的是三姐妹的Phoebe也就是他的妻子根本就不相信它不是一個壞人。