Sunday, May 23, 2004

Saving Angel? More like David Boreanaz "no heart" blues.

Since February when WB announced that they will not renew the hit TV series Angel for a sixth season, the Angel fans took up arms and "declared war" on WB. Did it work at all? From my point of view.
The answer is a big -> NO

From the saving Angel websites that appeared on the net, and, one can see that thousand's and possibly even more fans out there around the world jumped on the saving bandwagon to show WB, to show Joss Whedon, and most importantly to show the cast of Angel that they are doing a great job! Simply put it, the fans are hoping for a miracle and also hoping that their "fight" will move "hearts". It was not to be.

Even if WB "wants" to continue with Angel, the most important member of the cast David Boreanaz has indicated that he doesn't want to continue anymore. So, "Mission to save Angel" is a total wipeout failure. If so many fans around the world wasn't enough to move David's "heart", then unless god step in, the final episode of Angel will remain a cliffhanger until they make the "rumoured" Angel TV Movie.

In the end, the fans was let down by David. Now, the last hope is a miracle. And we all know what the possibilities of that happening. Until then, I hope "no heart" David can wake up and see that he owe it to the fans for one last season or so.