Sunday, May 16, 2004

Fantasy vs Reality & [華語版]夢想與現實

Most people tell me that I think too much. I fantasize to much. I think about things that will never ever happen in reality or you can call it "real life". But what's wrong having a little fantasy to think about while worrying about reality? Sometimes, a little fantasy might help with the problems of reality! Believe me. Solutions can be found in fantasy while problems are always because reality is hard to accept. Some people can't accept reality. So they dream of their fantasy, but forgot that reality will always be there. To obtain a balance between fantasy and reality, one must accept reality as it is using a bit of fantasy to help solve the problem. The question now would be, can a little tiny bit of fantasy solve the problems of reality? Can we really rely on something that doesn't exist to solve problems that already exists?
I believe anything is possible in this world,but can fantasy and reality mix together? Can we really use fantasy to solve problems in reality? I think the best example of fantasy is drugs. People use misused drugs to RUN away from reality. That is NOT the way and NEVER WILL. WARNING : NEVER USE DRUGS.
My vision of fantasy is more of using the mind. Human mind is a very complicated organ. Since millions of years ago, human has been using the mind to invent/create/build/develop methods and gadgets. Lets take an example : a plane. Before the Wright brother's build build their first plane, the Wright brother's have a dream to build a flying machine. It will continue to be a dream if the Wright brother's didn't make the dream into reality. Isn't this a good example of a little fantasy solving problems in reality?
What if the Wright brother's didn't build their fantasy? I believe someone else would still build a plane, but it would be much later.
Maybe some people will disagree with my views about using fantasy to solve reality, however, thinking about it, isn't a dream just a fantasy until a dream become reality. Isn't this the best example?

[Chinese version][華語版]夢想與現實

飛在天空本來就是個夢想但是爲何我們現在能坐飛機衝上雲霄哪?當初如果沒有萊特兄弟的飛上天空的夢想,哪有現在的Boeing 747 哪?很多人會說“那也不一定,應為如果沒有萊特兄弟的夢想,會有別人也會有飛上天空的夢想。我贊成。應為如果沒有萊特兄弟,還會有被的人嘛!那也可能人類的飛上天空的夢想也會遲了!是不是?