Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Gundam's

Bandai Co. started a craze : Gundam. Gundam is the name for a huge robot mobile suit. The mobile suit is driven by a driver. These driver are not just normal humans, they are human with special abilities. They are call Newtypes. Another group of humans which have the same abilities as Newtypes are Enhanced Humans. However, pure Newtypes are better than Enhanced Humans.
Gundam's first hero is Amuro Rey. He is the driver for RX-78-2 G-2 GUNDAM. In the Gundam Universe, he is legendary. Later, when he got his newer Gundam which is the RX-93 v(NU)GUNDAM, using Nu Gundam, he and the leader of Neo-Zeon Char Aznable were able to save earth from a falling asteroid. However, Amuro and Char were never found. No one knows if both Amuro and Char are alive or not.
After Amuro, what follows is a list of Gundams that took the Gundam Universe by storm. Zeta Gundam driven by Kamille Bidan, ZZ (Double Zeta) Gundam driven by Judau Ashta, V Gundam driven by Uso Evin, Wing Zero Gundam driven by Heero Yuy, Gundam X driven by Garrod Ran, ∀ Gundam driven by Loran Cehack...etc.
I got to know about Gundam's while playing a game call Super Robot Wars. It is a great turn based strategy game. However, I play it because I want to get the Gundam's in the game. Everytime I play Super Robot Wars, I just play it because of the Gundam's. The latest available Super Robot Wars game that I could get is Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. In this game, in almost every map, if available, I would deploy Amuro's Nu Gundam, Kamille's Zeta Gundam, Judau's ZZ Gundam, Heero's Wing Zero Gundam and Garrod's Gundam X.
Anyway, kudos to Bandai for creating such a good game.