Thursday, March 31, 2005

Goddess Maaya Sakamoto birthday!

Today 31th March 2005 is Goddess Maaya Sakamoto's birthday!

Happy Birthday Goddess Maaya!!!!

here is my present!

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Jdramas > HKdramas > Kdramas. KDRAMAS SUCKS. PERIOD.

Previously, I wrote an article about why Jdramas (Japanese Drama Series) are WAY better than Kdramas (Korean Drama Series).

Comments that I got from that article I will answer here.

I understand you're upset because korean drama is popular. i mean, sometimes i feel that hollywood is influencing koreans too much and stuff and i would like koreans to pay more attention to their own treasure at home (meaning our culture--drama, movies, traditional stuff..) but why not just enjoy it with everyone else at the moment and not just deny it? you only watched winter sonata, you might like other dramas. and winter had feelings to it, believe me. maybe you didn't like it because it didn't go the way you wanted it to or the storyline was just too slow. but korean dramas and movies do show some unique relationships & characteristics, etc. and the actors are good-looking (and good at acting, like lee yung-ae and bae yong-joon.) you realize how much fun you're missing?
j | 03.31.05 - 12:00 am | #

1. Good looking actors and actress DOES NOT make a good series.
2. When I watch a movie/series, even if it didn't go the way I wanted, I won't be typing out an article to say that it sucks or anything. I have watched so many tv series and so far only Kdramas gets this treatment. Didn't see me typing about how bad the ending for Angel(US TV series) or the direction of the storyline that Charmed(US TV Series) is taking or how they make Rory(US TV Series, Gilmore Girls) into a different person in this latest season. In fact I wrote several articles about Gilmore Girls(US TV Series) and how good it is.
3. I am a fanatic tv watcher, but I don't watch series/movie because of actors/actress or because of hype or anything. I watch tv series because of storyline and characteristic. And even if the storyline isn't what I expect or bad as hell, I won't be typing a blog article over the internet. Winter Sonata falls into the category as "Worst than hell" in my book.

yur da most selfish humanbeing on earth! wats wrong wit u? hello, kdrams r...exquisite. i can't live w/o them, and many people will agree wit me. u only watched 1 drama n you're vowing u'll never watch another 1? crazy, crazy...
ilovekorea | 03.31.05 - 12:04 am | #

Maybe you are right. Just maybe I am the most selfish human being on earth, but what does that have to do with me saying "Kdramas Sucks!"?

take out yur dam pic,man
ya killed da whole site;;
i don't like the winter story or whatever it's caled,but the girl's hot.
xiangpower3 | 03.31.05 - 12:08 am | #

What picture?

what the hell is jdrama? japanese drama? if yur chinese, why not watch chinese drama? n yur talking shit about korean dramas? or is it just dat no one (includin me) don't know what jdrama is?!
rookietong | 03.31.05 - 12:11 am | #

Yes, Jdrama is Japanese Drama. Yes, I am chinese. And I also watched chinese serials. In fact, TVB's 2004 lineups I almost completely watched ALL series except for a couple that I don't like. And the best TVB series so far I watched is Triumph In The Skies, The Last Breakthrough...and a few more...
And yes, if you understand that much about my article, and even know what Kdramas means(in which you mentioned Korean Dramas), then why are you asking me what Jdramas is?

I don't know why you hate Kdrama so much. I am a chinese too and I have no problem with Kdrama. Once I watched a Korean drama and i found it so boring. I always think that Kdrama is always the same thing. One of the character always die form cancer or natural cause. However that doesn't stop me from watching Kdrama. I didn't know what "jewel in the Palace" is about, but I heard a lot of people are watching it and has high rating so i rent two episodes. I found it really interesting and is very different from other Kdrama. Full of details and K history. I love it so please stop dissing other people culture because you are turning racist. By the way TVB is going to realease a Jdrama that is almost similar to "jewel in the Palace" so compare which one did better by that time BIAS!!!
panamanian | 04.12.05 - 2:50 am | #

Firstly, I already wrote why I hate Kdramas, didn't you read?

Secondly, this is the first time I have been called racist because I say "I hate Kdramas". Did I also say/wrote that I also hate Koreans? Don't remember that I do. Read first?

Thirdly, can you please kindly tell me what is the title of the Jdramas that TVB is going to show. I searched high and low and I cannot find any mentioned of it. It would help if I know the title of the Jdramas so that I can check and reply to your question.

Fourthly, I already said before "Call it bias or anything you want." So, fine by me if you are saying that I am bias.

Fifthly, Thank you for visiting my blog.

You're FAT. Get off the internet you loser and get a life. If I knew where you lived then I would give you a swift kick to the nads because of your ugly ass.

Now to get on subject Jdramas > ALL
KrzyPlaya | 06.17.05 - 8:46 pm | #

Ok, I don't get it, are you saying you agree with me but don't agree with me because I am FAT?

Oh yeah, in the true Cartman spirit "Damn, that's one fat ASS!" = ME. SO?

Anyway, because someone asked me why I did not watch chinese drama, here is my answer.
To be honest, I have watched chinese dramas since I was a little boy. My late grandmother was an avid drama watcher. She would rent the serials and I would be joining her and watching them. Until now I am still watching chinese dramas. In fact, I have watched more chinese dramas then I have watched Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series). And yet I still think Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series) are better than chinese dramas and chinese dramas are still better than Kdramas(Korean Drama Series).
Hence, Jdramas(Japanese Drama Series) are better than Chinese Dramas Series(Hong Kong,China,Taiwan..etc) are better than Kdramas(Korean Drama Series).

Jdramas > Cdramas > Kdramas

If I were to take the western tv series into the picture, it would be

Jdramas > US TV Series & Cdramas > Kdramas

If you don't know why I am talking about "soul", then please read this first before flaming me to hell -> Jdramas beats the crap out of Kdramas

Info for those who don't have a clue :
Jdramas - Japanese Drama Series
HKdramas - Hong Kong Drama Series
Cdramas - Chinese Drama Series (which also includes HKdramas)
US TV Series - United States of America Television Drama Series
Kdramas - Korean Drama Series

I can feel the "soul" in a storyline, can you?
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No Tsunami, but death toll caused by quake is rising.

CNN reports that at least 300 killed by the quake that hit Northern Sumatra late on Tuesday. Indonesia reports that the death toll could be nearly 2000.

USGS bulletin reported 12 aftershocks after the initial 8.7 quake.

Still, this time there is no major tsunami like the Boxing Day Tsunami last december! The Boxing Day Tsunami last december I would remember the rest of my life, because it happened on my birthday. I felt very sad that day because thousands died.

That's why I was worried about this earthquake when my friend in Penang called me and asked me to check if there is going to be another tsunami because he said he felt the tremors. I quickly stop watching my tv series and google for the earthquake detection centre's website. Sure enough, out pop the 8.2 magnitude quake at the USGS website. Then later it was upgraded to 8.7, I fear another Boxing Day Tsunami. However, until 5am this morning (29th March 2005), all major news website did not report about any tsunami, I finally was able to go to sleep. However, my prayers goes out to the families of those who perished in the quake.

Lucky there is no Tsunami -> "Tell Me Your Beyond Thoughts Dreams"

Earthquake hits Northern Sumatra!

Mack Zulkifli has set up #quakeblogs at Dalnet to coordinate information. Come join in!

Update 7 : 2 aftershocks measuring 6.0 and 6.7 has been reported by the USGS!

Update 8 : CNN reports that 50 people has died on the island of Nias, near the epicenter of a massive earthquake off the coast of Indonesia!

(CNN) -- U.S. officials were urging residents to evacuate coastal regions in the Indian Ocean after a earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 struck off the coast of Indonesia Monday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration urged residents within 1,000 kilometers of the epicenter to evacuate coastal regions.

The quake was centered on the same fault line where a December 26 earthquake launched a tsunami that killed at least 175,000 people.

The director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said scientists there feared another tsunami might hit the area.

Charles McCreary said he could not be certain that the quake, which was 203 kilometers (126 miles) from Sibolga on Sumatra Island, would cause a tsunami.

Experts agreed the quake was massive.

"This earthquake has the potential to generate a widely destructive tsunami in the ocean or seas near the earthquake," NOAA said in a statement on its Web site. "Authorities in those regions should be aware of this possibility and take immediate action."

Asked whether evacuations are taking place, USGS spokesman Don Blakeman said, "I certainly hope so."

Thailand issued a warning that the quake could bring a tsunami to its southern provinces. The warning, which was carried on national television, cautioned people in the six provinces to be careful and vigilant, but did not order evacuations.

USGS spokesman Doug Blake said there had been no reports of tsunami activity nearly 90 minutes after the quake struck.

"We're still waiting for any kind of reports," he said.

"At this point in time we don't know what type of fault occurred ... and that is critical information we just don't have yet," he said. "It is in the aftershock zone of the December 26 quake. It's a little bit south, but it's on the same fault."

The quake occurred at 11:09 a.m. ET (1609 GMT), and is considered a "great" earthquake, the largest of seven grades.

The grades are very minor, minor, light, moderate, strong, major and great.

Tsunamis are distinguished from normal coastal surf by their great length and speed. A single wave in a tsunami series might be 160 kilometers (100 miles) long and race across the ocean at 960 kph (600 mph).

When it approaches a coastline, the wave slows dramatically, but it also rises to great heights because the enormous volume of water piles up in shallow coastal bays.

The December 26 quake, measured at magnitude 9, triggered a massive tsunami that devastated Asian and African coastlines in nearly a dozen nations.

Source from : USGS & CNN

Update : 8.2 was measured by USGS, Indonesia Meteorologists have measured 8.5!!!

Update 2 : BBC has the news up too! Huge quake hits Indonesian coast

Update 3 : Also, talk about the earthquake with other Malaysian bloggers at Malaysia Bloggers Forum.

Update 4 : Channel News Asia has the news up!

Update 5 : CNN reports that IF there is a Tsunami, it could reach Sri Lanka's shore in about 3 hours!!

Update 6 : USGS has reported that the magnitude of the quake is 8.7!!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

奥さまは魔女之我的太太是魔女 aka Bewitched In Tokyo

The wife is a witch! But she likes humans and she loves her husband.

Arisa (Ryoko Yonekura) is fascinated by humans. So much so that she leaves the magic world. But the broom she uses is faulty and she winds up in Japan. There she meets Joji Matsui (Taizo Harada) who works at an advertising agency. Joji has been assigned by his boss Ichio Suzuki (Naoto Takenaka) the difficult task of winning over Shiori Nomo (Asami Ishikawa) who is in charge of corporate communications at a client. However a little word from Arisa helps Joji win over Shiori and his agency gets the opportunity to pitch. Arisa and Joji fall in love and marry. Arisa swears never to use magic again as she and Joji begin their strange witch/human married life. However, Arisa's mother, Daria (Mari Natsuki) wants to take Arisa back to her world and uses magic to be a nuisance to the new couple. Arisa has to take care of Joji's boss Suzuki who drops in all the time, the prying eyes of their neighbors (Manami Fuji & Shiro Maggy) and the interference of her witch mother.

Bewitched Japanese style!

Compare that with the US series.

Samantha Stephens the Witch.

Darrin Stephnes the husband.

There might be differences though, but one thing that wasn't different is the mother of the witch. If you take the both mother of the witch and switch their places, you won't notice the differences in attitude and character!!!

Fans of the US Bewitched? -> "Tell Me Your Beyond Thoughts Dreams"

Children sees things that we grown ups don't see.

I was watching this Jdrama Hotman starring Takashi Sorimachi(famous for his role as Onizuka Eikichi in the Best Japanese Drama shown in Japan GTO).

In Hotman, Takashi Sorimachi plays school art teacher, Enzo Furiya who takes care of his 5-year-old daughter of whom he has no idea who her mother is. He also lives with his four siblings whose fathers are all different. Enzo’s daughter suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, so he throws himself into managing her diet to alleviate her condition. He is so determined to raise the little daughter well, he doesn’t appear to have any spare time for a girlfriend. And yet Enzo finds himself drawn to Misuzu Kaneko a health teacher at his school. Enzo pursues life passionately for his little girl and his family.

Well, not going to talk about the series, but something else that I learned from the series.

I learned that children sees things that we grown ups don't see. In Hotman, Enzo Furiya's 5-year-old daughter sees things differently from what we grown up see. Through her drawings, she sees the world in a different light.

I think I also believe that children does see things differently than us grown ups. Maybe because they don't have to worry about work, relationships or money. But is that really the reason?

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Doctor Who

UK's longest running sciences-fiction tv series Doctor Who which ended 15 years ago, will debuts Season 27 on March 26th on BBC One.

For those who don't know who the Doctor is. He is a mysterious traveller in space and time, whose ship (the TARDIS, one of the icons of the series) can take him and his companions anywhere in any time. Inevitably he finds evil at work wherever he goes...

In Season 27, Christopher Eccleston plays the (Ninth) Doctor with singer turned actress Billie Piper playing his sidekick Rose.

Doctor Who....

The Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston

Rose played by Billie Piper

The Police Public Call box that disguise the Doctor's transport ship the Tardis.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Being Public Enemy No.1

I pissed football loving people with this blog entry -> I HATE Football

I also pissed people with this blog entry -> I plan to have 2 wifes staying under one roof!

I also also pissed Kdramas lovers with this blog entry -> Jdramas beats the crap out of Kdramas

Then I also pissed IE people with this entry -> IE gets Smackdown from Firefox

First two entry totally pissed people off.
Third entry apparently wasn't as powerful as the first two.
The last entry didn't do much at all.

How is life being Public Enemy No.1?
Dunno. I have dodged flames and bullets on a daily basis, just dunno how much more will be coming.

Do I really care if I become Public Enemy No.1?
I don't really care the least bit.

It's not easy being me!!! :)

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Friday, March 18, 2005

12 days, 132 members, one forum.

It has been 12 days since LcF launched the Malaysia Bloggers Forum and already has 132 members.

To all Malaysian Bloggers, converge to Malaysia Bloggers Forum to get to know other Malaysian Bloggers and also get tips and tricks about blogging from them.

There is also a general section where members can talk about anything and everything.

Come JOIN now!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Detective Jim Dunbar is...NOT the Daredevil

Image Hosted by
picture courtesy of TvTome

A heist gone wrong. A gunman with an AK-47. Three officers trapped without ammo. His partner frozen in fear, Detective Jim Dunbar without hesitation took action of intense bravery that killed the gunman, saved the officers and made him a hero. He also took a bullet that blinded him forever.

Most officers injured in the line of duty opt for desk jobs or early retirement. Not Dunbar. He's rehabilitated both body and attitude and fought his way back to active duty. His fresh start at a new precinct is threatened by the simple truth that no one really wants him to work there. His new partner, Karen Bettencourt, sure as hell doesn't trust him to cover her back. They're all in for the shock of their lives, because being blind makes Dunbar a better cop than he ever has been.

This is the latest tv series to hit the US. It's the first TV series that caters for the visually-impaired!!

Some might say this is a ripped off from Daredevil. However, Detective Jim Dunbar is not Daredevil. He needs his dog named Hank to help him get along the streets of New York. He needs his partner to tell him his crime scenes. He needs to go see a shrink!! He can only use his gun in self-defense and can be only use in a close encounter with criminals.

He got a lot of problems with his colleague down at the precinct. Everyone doesn't want him there because he is blind. His partner thinks he is holding her back because he is blind. The whole police force thinks he is making a mistake coming back into active duty as a homicide detective because he is blind! His wife wants to help him, but he is pushing her away. His friends....he doesn't have any friends anymore.

But Detective Jim Dunbar isn't letting all this get to him. He is going to do his job blind or no blind.

Although I really think he needs some help with his attitude of his. Sometimes, he just really needs some tiny little help.

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IE6 gets smackdown! from Firefox 1.0

Do I have to say anything else?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Seamonkey vs Firefox - The War That Should Not Be. announced that they will be not release Mozilla Suite 1.8 final. In other words, Mozilla Suite has been dropped.

I, a Firefox user, I was naturally happy they are finally going to concentrate more on Firefox than on Mozilla Suite.

Then came the Mozilla Suite users and they couldn't take the news that Mozilla Suite will no longer be developed by They stood up and try to save the Mozilla Suite from sinking like the Titanic. They managed to gather a number of "troops" to prevent Firefox from totally taking over what was left of their Mozilla Suite. And they also will continue with Mozilla Suite as they plan to release a community driven version of Mozilla Suite 1.8.

Thus, the war between two brothers has begun.

Ok, maybe some people won't think this is a war at all. But to me, I think it is. is developing Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Thunderbird and a few more projects too. Now, if they decided that Mozilla Suite must go, then let it go! Because Firefox and Thunderbird can take over what Mozilla Suite left behind. A legacy. With Microsoft showing signs of a counterattack by announcing IE7 earlier than expected, there shouldn't be any internal fights in Mozland!!

This thread here at Mozillazine forum --> Who here is sticking with the suite says it all for those still sticking with Mozilla Suite. It is a matter of preferences, I know. But this will also split the community into faction(s).

I think got it right by dropping the Mozilla Suite, so that Firefox can get more attention and possibly priority. Firefox is a great browser, but it was being held back by Mozilla Suite. Now, with the dropping of Mozilla Suite, Firefox can go full steam ahead!!!

As for those who will still stick by Mozilla Suite, I wish them luck in their quest to keep the Mozilla Suite alive. but the damage has already been done. Mozland has been split in half.

Water and Fire don't go well together. So is a Sea Monkey and a Fire Fox.

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I plan to have 2 wifes staying under one roof!

Before I start this, I just want to say that this is a potentially sensitive entry that might offend more people than my previous entry about me hating soccer. So, I know some people after reading this entry, wants to totally whack me to the ground, I still will try to have this dream.

Only recently, I have this *dream*, about having 2 wifes. (NOT one wife and one mistress.). The chances of it happening is : Totally Impossible. Well, it's a just a dream afterall.

I *dream* about having 2 wifes living in the same house. How is that even something to be dreaming about, one might ask. Well, I don't have the answer for that. It's just a dream.

After that dream, I felt that I really "want" to have 2 wifes, but in Malaysia, unless you are a Muslim, you can't have more than 1 wife. Doesn't matter. I already planned it that one wife to be legally married, the other will get married the traditional way. Follow the chinese way of getting married, just like older times. So, that solved the problem of how to marry two wifes without getting in trouble with the law.

However, before the whole "I do, I do. I pronounced you husband and wife" or the chinese way of "Bowing to the sky, family and to each other", there is the question of "How to find two woman to share one husband?" Well, I am an optimistic. There ought to be a 0.0000000000000000000000001% chance there are two woman out there that can share one husband and willing to live in the same house with each other.

Until here, some people might already be fuming mad with me or already started calling me "crazy", "insane", "greedy", "pervert", "f**king moron"...etc (all the swears and such).

Well, I can dream about it, I will try it anywayz. Why am I so crazy? I am not crazy. I am just following my feelings. It felt really nice to have 2 wifes and not one wife and one mistress. It felt really good to have 2 wifes living TOGETHER. I admit there might be major differences between the wifes, but because these two are the 0.0000000000000000000000001% woman that choose this path, no matter how much differences, there will not be "cat fights" in the house.

Anyway, lots of guys will also have this type of dream about having 2,3,4 or even 10 wifes. However, I dare say mine is totally different from those dreams.

How so? one might ask again.

Well, in my dream, everything isn't so smooth as a dream should be (definately not a nightmare, if anyone is wondering.). In my dream, having two wifes although it makes me feel good, it also is a very pricy feeling. In my dream, my whole family and relatives can't accept that I have 2 wifes (and a daughter). There is also lots of problems here and there. But one really unusual thing is, at the end of the day, me and my wifes can sit down together and talk about the problems we face and try to overcome it. The End right?

Wrong. The dream didn't just end there. It continues in my mind. I was thinking about it. I was pondering about it. I was imagining about it. I was dreaming about. I was thinking "What if I really try to get two wifes?".

Then I realized that I am in trouble. It's no longer a dream anymore. It has become real!!! Something inside me is telling me to go for it!!! In this very-reality-based world, how to go for it? Is it even remotely possible to have 2 wifes living under one roof? Is it even ethically correct to have 2 wifes (NOT mistress) in the first place?

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spreadfirefox counter meltdown......

This is a sign that Firefox is going to take over the world!!!!

Taken from the Spreadfirefox website, Firefox has been downloaded so many times that the counter melted!!!!

Image Hosted by

Note : I know about the real problem with the counter, I am just trying to look at it from another angle.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pre-Ranting about Spiderman 3

Just to continue from my ranting and raving about Spiderman and Spiderman 2 the Movie. Now with the third movie in pre-production, I will continue the same ranting as I did before.

Here goes... :

I am probably the ONLY PERSON in this world that totally HATES both the Spiderman movies.And now I will continue to hate Spiderman and Spiderman 2 and the third one, Spiderman 3.

Why am I showing so much hatred for the Spiderman movies? Because I don't like how they just modify Spiderman's mechanical webslinger to unlimited web. Unlimited web? What is this? You think having unlimited web can do good to Spiderman's character. So what is the fuss about? Nothing with wrong with unlimited web right?
It is never right with unlimited web! Why? As a Spiderman fan, I really have to make a stand. And my stand is,


I don't care what anyone or fans of the Spiderman movies will/have/want to say to me or flame me or whatever me. I don't care the least bit about what other people thinks. I will continue to say it. Spiderman is NOT about having unlimited web. What the comic Spiderman has, that the movie Spiderman doesn't have. Intelligence or battle strategy.

In the movie, Peter Parker is being turned from a person that should be smart in the inside into someone that doesn't know what he really wants. Ok, probably he knows that he needs to be Spiderman, but that's it! Nothing more than that. While in the comic, that's is where Peter Parker is really portrait. He BUILD his own webslinger!I REPEAT, HE BUILDS HIS OWN FREAKING WEBSLINGER. While in the movie Peter Parker doesn't even need to build any damn thing! All he needs is to make his costume and that's it!

Now here is the major differences between the comic Spiderman and the movie Spiderman. The comic Spiderman while fighting the bad guys, he needs to becareful of running out of web. And when he does run out of web, he needs to rely on his other abilities to survive the battle. While in the movie, does he even need to worry about the running out of web? Nope,not for an instance! Peter Parker doesn't need to worry about running out of web in the heat of the battle. He can shoot limitless web without worrying that it will run out. I find this rather insulting, because Spiderman is not about his web, it is about how he overcomes problems and bad guys when he RUNS out of web. That's in the comic. That's is what I admire about Spiderman actually. Although he is a reluctant hero, he still knows that he has a job to do. And with great difficulty, he overcomes it with his wits and intelligences and not because he has unlimited web like in the movies!!!

As a Spiderman fan and friend (I grew up watching Spiderman cartoons and comic/comic strips), I stand by my boycott not to watch any sequel to Spiderman the Movie. Even if I am the ONLY ME that is boycotting, I will still do it, because I believe in the "real" Spiderman and not this Hollywood created Spiderman.

I have sweared that I won't watch Spiderman 2 nor Spiderman 3 nor any movie by the idiot director or the cast of Spiderman. Even in the next life, or in any lifetime, I won't accept this Hollywood Spiderman and no one on earth is going to change my mind.

Spiderman 2 gets a 0...out of 5.......
Spiderman 3 gets a -1...out of 5.......

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Malaysia Bloggers Forum - Come join in!

Thanks to LcF, he started the Malaysia Bloggers Forum.

To all Malaysian Bloggers, please come join in!!!

Gilmore Girls - The Lolerai and Luke Affairs II

In the latest episode of Gilmore Girls, it would assume that Luke and Lolerai got back together. However, it is unclear on what Emily Gilmore (Lolerai's mother) is actually doing.

Emily Gilmore first broke Lolerai and Luke up because Emily thinks Luke isn't good enough for Lolerai. Now, she said she gave up just because Lolerai isn't talking to her and won't see her?

If anyone would recall, Lolerai and Emily was already on very bad terms since Lolerai got pregnant with Rory. Didn't see Emily gave up then. I wonder why she gave up now?

I smell something fact...VERY fishy.....

We shall see if Emily Gilmore is up to no good!!!

I bet she is up to no good.

Note : I misspell Lolerai's name on purpose. Don't ask me why.

Monday, March 07, 2005

How I became Public Enemy No.1

Suddenly, I became Public Enemy No.1 among soccer fans in Malaysia.

Do I really care? No.

I believe I was slightly overboard or to other people, I didn't consider the feelings of others when I wrote this -> Just to tell you all how much I hate Soccer and MU

Well, I apologize for writing such a powerful article, but I am not removing it. I stand by my opinion and my views about soccer.

As I have said before "Even if I am the only one in this world that boycotted Spiderman 2, I will still boycott it."

I will say it again according to this case. "Even if I am the only one in this world that hates soccer, I will still hate it till the end of time."

The end.

Sunday, March 06, 2005








Just to tell you all how much I hate Soccer and MU

Over the years, almost everywhere I go, I could see things that are related to soccer. Car bumper stickers, t-shirts, jerseys and anything in between soccer and MU.

Oh, how I hate soccer and how I hate MU even more.

22 idiots running around a field, kicking a ball isn't entertainment nor is it "beautiful".
plus 2 more idiots standing beside the field shouting at the 22 idiots on the field isn't entertainment either.
plus another billions of idiots out there watching those 22 idiots plus the 2 idiots doing something that is *believed* to be "Beautiful"!

I just wished soccer would go away or at least stop being a "Beautiful Game". Obviously there ISN'T anything Beautiful about it!!!!

I also wished my friends would stop talking about MU, Chealsea or Arsenal or Liverpool or talk about this player score this goal, that goal.

I wished my friends would talk about OTHER THINGS and not just about "The worst nightmare that lots of people believes is a Beautiful Game."


I have heard enough, I have listened enough, I have ENDURED enough!

This bloody game isn't anywhere "Beautiful"

Someone asked me who am I to say that soccer isn't a Beautiful Game?
My answer : I am a very nobody, but I am somebody that knows that while lots of people out there believes it is a "Beautiful Game", I don't believe it's even worth the mentioned of "Beautiful Game". It's just any other sports out there and nothing more. No game is beautiful. Only people that believes in them "claimed" it is "beautiful". It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

Another someone asked me what did soccer did to me and my family?
My answer : Simply put it, I just don't like soccer. Soccer didn't do anything to me or my family. I just simply don't like/hate it.

Another another someone told me to keep my comments to myself.
My answer :

Another another another someone say I am a chinese retard
My answer :

breaktalk said that I should respect football, even if I don't understand or don't like football
My answer : Why do I have to respect something that I hate to the very core?

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jdramas > Kdramas aka DIE KDRAMAS!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why everyone is into Kdramas (Korean Tv series) nowadays. It started with Winter Sonata and now the most recent is Jewel In The Palace.
I just don't know why Kdramas are any good to watch. The storyline for Winter Sonata totally sucks. Before anyone ask, I DID watch Winter Sonata, and that was and will be the last Kdrama I ever will watch.

I wished we were back to the days where tv stations like TV3 and nTV7 would show Jdramas, but that will remain a dream, since almost(almost) everyone (excluding me and my cousin) is into Kdramas. Damnit, to those who like Kdramas, you all have very very bad taste!!!


I have asked those watching Kdramas, and the TOP reason they give me are "The girls are beautiful", "The guys are handsome."

Oh BOO HOO!. Is that the only reason?

So what if Jewel In The Palace is the top Kdrama at the moment? SO WHAT?

I bet GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) would beat it's (Jewel's) ass any day!

Lots of Jdramas had better storyline, better actors compare with Winter Sonata.

Yeah, yeah, you all might say "You haven't watch Jewel In The Palace yet, how you know it suck?"

Call it biased or anything you want. I just don't like Kdramas and the hype. Winter Sonata was the last one that I have seen and from there, my conclusion is final.

Again, you all might say "Don't make assumption just because you don't like Winter Sonata."

This is my answer, I don't like Kdramas not because I don't like Winter Sonata. No, that not the reason. I don't like Kdramas because while watching Winter Sonata, there is no "Soul" in the series. It's a feel thing. You all can say all you want, but I watch tv series because I can feel it. And only Kdrama's didn't give me any feelings when watching. Winter Sonata didn't give me any feel, nor did Autumn In My Heart (I didn't watch Autumn, but I did peek at a few episodes). And there wasn't any "Soul/Feelings" in it.

Bring back the Jdramas TV3! Bring back the Jdramas nTV7(why I even bother to tell nTV7?).

At least 8TV did show Jdramas. Kudos to them.


One more thing why I like Jdramas over Kdramas(in fact I HATE Kdramas).
Jdramas have great opening theme songs and also music in their series!!!!
GTO's theme song Poison is one damn good song!!!
Beautiful Life's theme song is damn good song too!!!
So it most of the Jdramas series that I have watched. And the reason is? There is "SOUL" in them!!!

Kdramas?'s like Angel without the soul. Which is? Angelus! the EVIL vampire that should be removed from Angel!!!!!

Why I say Jdramas has soul in them? because GTO is one Jdrama that managed to make me cry no matter how many times I watched it. There is a "soul" in them!!!

A screen shot from GTO. Part of Onizuka's name is the character for "Soul". And those scenes always makes me cry no matter how many times I watched it.(yeah, I HAVE to repeat that!)

That's the power of Jdramas.

I don't feel any "Soul" from Kdramas. Not once in Winter Sonata.
It's like a shell, hollow in the inside.

So, conclusion. Jdramas > Kdramas.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Beyond The Clouds, The Promised Place aka The Place Promised In Our Early Days

It took 2 years to complete.
2 years in the making, and animes fanatics and fans alike waited.
Some even ranted.
Some even gave up waiting.

But it finally arrived!

The anime movie highly anticipated by the anime community.

Makoto Shinkai's

Beyond The Clouds, The Promised Place aka
The Place Promised In Our Early Days

Watch it, buy the DVD. You won't regret it!!!!

Update : Read about it also at

All my Girlfriends!!!!!! Updated Again!!!

Meet all my "girlfriends" from most of the TV series I am watching! ;) ;) ;)

Allison Dubois (pronounced as De-buah) from the new US TV series (Supernatural) Medium.

Marni Fliss from the new US TV series (comedy) Committed.

Dr. Allison Cameron from the new US TV series (Medical) House.

Nicolette Raye and Veronica Carter from the new US TV series (Law) Kevin Hill.

Christina Nickson from the new US TV series (Supernatural/Satanic) Point Pleasant.

Veronica Mars from the new US TV series (teenage/detective) Veronica Mars

Joan Girardi from the US TV series (Godly) Joan of Arcadia. (Warning, this series is about God)

Terry Lake from the new US TV series (Mathematics/Crime) Numb3rs(nope, it's NOT a typo)

Beka Valentine,Doyle and Trance Gemini from the US TV series (Space/SciFi) Andromeda.

Lori Colson from the new US TV series (Law) Boston Legal.

Daisy Adair from the recently CANCELLED US TV series (Supernatural/Death) Dead Like Me

Natalie Teeger from the hit US TV series (Comedy/Detective) Monk.

Lolerai Gilmore (misspell name on purpose) (and don't ask!) and Lorelai "Rory" Gilmore (all Gilmore Girls fans knows that Rory's name is the same as her mother, they call her Rory for simplicity) from the HIT US TV series Gilmore Girls

Calleigh Duquesne (Pronounced as Ca-lei Du-cane) from the hit US TV series (Forensics) CSI : Miami.

Cassandra Hughes aka Cassie from the new UK TV series (Supernatural/Voodoo) HƎX.

I have lots more "girlfriends" actually, but because I already deleted Buffy the Vampire Slayer video files from my computer (going to buy the DVD soon or when I get the money), can't make screen shots of Buffy Anne Summers, Dawn Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Anya. I also don't have any Angel video files, so can't make screen shots of Cordelia Chase, Winifred "Fred" Burkle. Also some series I had to delete because my hardisk ran out of space.

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