Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gilmore Girls - The Lolerai and Luke Affairs II

In the latest episode of Gilmore Girls, it would assume that Luke and Lolerai got back together. However, it is unclear on what Emily Gilmore (Lolerai's mother) is actually doing.

Emily Gilmore first broke Lolerai and Luke up because Emily thinks Luke isn't good enough for Lolerai. Now, she said she gave up just because Lolerai isn't talking to her and won't see her?

If anyone would recall, Lolerai and Emily was already on very bad terms since Lolerai got pregnant with Rory. Didn't see Emily gave up then. I wonder why she gave up now?

I smell something fishy.....in fact...VERY fishy.....

We shall see if Emily Gilmore is up to no good!!!

I bet she is up to no good.

Note : I misspell Lolerai's name on purpose. Don't ask me why.