Monday, March 14, 2005

Seamonkey vs Firefox - The War That Should Not Be. announced that they will be not release Mozilla Suite 1.8 final. In other words, Mozilla Suite has been dropped.

I, a Firefox user, I was naturally happy they are finally going to concentrate more on Firefox than on Mozilla Suite.

Then came the Mozilla Suite users and they couldn't take the news that Mozilla Suite will no longer be developed by They stood up and try to save the Mozilla Suite from sinking like the Titanic. They managed to gather a number of "troops" to prevent Firefox from totally taking over what was left of their Mozilla Suite. And they also will continue with Mozilla Suite as they plan to release a community driven version of Mozilla Suite 1.8.

Thus, the war between two brothers has begun.

Ok, maybe some people won't think this is a war at all. But to me, I think it is. is developing Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Thunderbird and a few more projects too. Now, if they decided that Mozilla Suite must go, then let it go! Because Firefox and Thunderbird can take over what Mozilla Suite left behind. A legacy. With Microsoft showing signs of a counterattack by announcing IE7 earlier than expected, there shouldn't be any internal fights in Mozland!!

This thread here at Mozillazine forum --> Who here is sticking with the suite says it all for those still sticking with Mozilla Suite. It is a matter of preferences, I know. But this will also split the community into faction(s).

I think got it right by dropping the Mozilla Suite, so that Firefox can get more attention and possibly priority. Firefox is a great browser, but it was being held back by Mozilla Suite. Now, with the dropping of Mozilla Suite, Firefox can go full steam ahead!!!

As for those who will still stick by Mozilla Suite, I wish them luck in their quest to keep the Mozilla Suite alive. but the damage has already been done. Mozland has been split in half.

Water and Fire don't go well together. So is a Sea Monkey and a Fire Fox.

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