Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No Tsunami, but death toll caused by quake is rising.

CNN reports that at least 300 killed by the quake that hit Northern Sumatra late on Tuesday. Indonesia reports that the death toll could be nearly 2000.

USGS bulletin reported 12 aftershocks after the initial 8.7 quake.

Still, this time there is no major tsunami like the Boxing Day Tsunami last december! The Boxing Day Tsunami last december I would remember the rest of my life, because it happened on my birthday. I felt very sad that day because thousands died.

That's why I was worried about this earthquake when my friend in Penang called me and asked me to check if there is going to be another tsunami because he said he felt the tremors. I quickly stop watching my tv series and google for the earthquake detection centre's website. Sure enough, out pop the 8.2 magnitude quake at the USGS website. Then later it was upgraded to 8.7, I fear another Boxing Day Tsunami. However, until 5am this morning (29th March 2005), all major news website did not report about any tsunami, I finally was able to go to sleep. However, my prayers goes out to the families of those who perished in the quake.

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