Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nightmare at Screamyx, Terrorkom

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TMnutz on April 7th, gave that announcement. As it turns out, service degradation of its international links to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and United States was worst than just "slight drop in performance" as claimed by Terrorkom. Everyone in Malaysia is experiencing very slow internet speed. The problems lies at :

1. Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) cable S8S (Philippine - Katong) - near BU4 in segment 8

2.S3 (HongKong - Shanghai) and the ring switch that is being implemented in the interim.

The repairs on S8 will be done today (April 9th) at 20:00hr(Malaysian Time)(hopefully). While the S3 cable will start repairs on the 16th and completion is estimated latest by April 20th!.

Maybe we shouldn't fault Terrorkom for this, because the APCN2 cable isn't their SOLE responsibility, but they in their announcement said that only a SLIGHT drop in performance when in ACTUAL fact it is not just a SLIGHT drop in performance, but a HUGE drop in performance. Since April 7th, loading of websites slowed down to a crawl! Some even timed out before it is finish loading. Downloading speed was around 0.3kb/s to 1kb/s. Although it got better by April 8th, still the download speed and surfing speed was way below the "slight drop in performance" claimed by Terrorkom!

I have to use a temporary workaround to get better surfing speed. The workaround is to use a proxy that doesn't link to to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and United States. I am currently using a proxy hosted in United Arab Emirates. (Using Google lead me to the UAE google site.)

So, anyone want to temporary have some surfing speed back, then use a proxy that is hosted in Europe or some Middle East countries. It sure helps when there is a "slight drop in performance" as claimed by Terrorkom to users of Screamyx!

This article was made possible thanks to the information from Jeff Ooi and

Update : Screamyx is back up to speed again, but some websites are still a bit sluggish. So, April 20th is still the day to anticipate as Screamyx will get up to full capacity on that date!.