Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mahsuri's Curse of Langkawi, 7 generation of misfortune and tragedy might have already passed, but Mahsuri is still crying.

Mahsuri was a beautiful maiden of Muslim Siamese descent. As with admiration in some, there will always be jealousy in others. Mahsuri's mother-in-law was insanely jealous of her beauty and popularity. She took the opportunity one day to rid Mahsuri as she accused her of adultery during the absence of her husband who had gone off to war. Adultery by local law was a sin punishable by death. Mahsuri was executed in public. As she pleaded her innocence, the executioner plunged a 'keris' or dagger into her. To his surprise, Mahsuri's blood trickled white which signified that she was innocent.

Upon death, Mahsuri placed a curse on Langkawi and its people. For 7 generations, there was to be much tragedy and misfortune. Over years of warring with the Siamese and other natural disasters that befell the island, Langkawi was left to its own. It was said that at one time, buffaloes even outnumbered villagers . It was not until the 80's that the 7th generation passed and the curse was finally lifted.

Most people would have known about the "Curse of Mahsuri". And most people are convinced that the cursed has long been lifted from the Island of Langkawi. I believed that too. The curse indeed seems to have been lifted as Langkawi now is developing into the new era!

However, I don't believe that Mahsuri has already forgiven the people of Langkawi yet. Why I am saying this? Well, I have lived in Langkawi for about one and a half years. I was studying there. My campus is near Langkawi International Airport.

Why I think Mahsuri hasn't forgiven the people of Langkawi even though her cursed has already been lifted? Well, while I was in Langkawi, when it rains, I could hear the voice of a woman crying. The sound of the rain is like a woman crying. I believe it is Mahsuri crying at the injustice that the people of Langkawi treated her.

To think that 7 generation of misfortune and tragedy that befalls the people of Langkawi that Mahsuri's soul can finally rest in peace. And yet, while I was there, I could hear her crying. Why is she still crying? Why?

I believe "Mahsuri's Curse" might be over, but I also believe that her soul continues to seek the justice that she was deprived of since her death and Mahsuri's blood still taint on the island she died on. I believe unless Mahsuri is given the justice she deserved, she will continue to cry when is rains on the Island of Langkawi.

The curse of seven generation might have been lifted, but I think "Mahsuri's Curse" continues on till this day.