Monday, June 07, 2004

Watching TV series

Angel ended. Buffy ended.CSI,CSI Miami all season finale (waiting for another season). Charmed is not worth watching after the middle of Season 5. Alias got uninteresting. The rest I either need to watch starting from Season 1, or it is not shown in Malaysian TV...YET.

Renting US TV series is impossible as there is no shops in Malaysia that is willing to do rental. However, you can buy the DVD versions of Buffy , Alias....and a few more US TV series. However, buying is damn expensive. Some people can't afford it, while I think it is a waste of money just to buy the DVD version of the series when you can download it over the internet using Kazaa(highly recommended NOT TO USE IT), Emule...etc.

However, recently the US TV series is getting more uninteresting. Good series like Angel and Buffy ended. Both of them are good series. I wished they didn't end so soon. However, all good things shall come to an end eventually. I hoped there are better series being produced in the coming future.

I am now more into Hong Kong TV series. It was 50 - 50 then when Charmed gone to hell, I watched more Hong Kong TV series than I used to. I even stop watching Alias after the plot got tooooooo predictable (it must be just me).

I love to watch TV series, but the US TV series obviously needs to inject some new blood into the storyline. I wouldn't want to just watch Hong Kong TV series if the storyline or plots get worst and worst or simply put it, the scriptwriter's RAN OUT OF IDEAS.