Monday, June 14, 2004

[TVB]Virtues of Harmony 2 - Waiting in agony 3!

Another of my ranting about waiting for episodes of Virtues of Harmony 2 to arrive. It just can't stop. Why? Because I am totally restless. I need to know what happen after episode 224!!! I just need to know!!! I could go and rent episode 225 to 228 now, but what's the use? I have to wait another week for episode 229 to 232! And another week later for episode 233 to 236, and so on! I just can't do that! I want to know the storyline ALLL ATTTT ONCEEEE!!!!

So, I rather sacrifice and WAIT 5 MONTHS!!! Geez......5 months just for 100 episodes. Don't know if I can survive or not. I hope I can.

Additional ranting/venting :

I was almost forced to install REAL media player just to download Virtues Of Harmony 2. I simply can't wait for 5 months. Blardy hell.

However, my computer is more important than anything else. So, I rather wait. :)