Monday, June 21, 2004

CSI mania!

First it was CSI Las Vegas. Gil Grissom and his CSI team of Catherine Willows,Warrick Brown,Nick Stokes,Sara Sidle,Dr. Al Robbins and Greg Sanders took the TV world by storm. Then came CSI:Miami. Horatio Caine,Tim Speedle,Eric Delko,Alexx Woods and Calleigh Duquesne brought another storm into the TV world. Thus, the CSI era had already begun. The next CSI TV show to appear will be CSI:New York. Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor will be leading his New York CSI team as the show hits the TV screen in the US in November 2004. And the CSI dream continues.....

On a personal note, CBS's CSI can be so popular, probably because of the mystery and advanced technology that appeared in the show. I don't know if forensic sciences can actually be learned by watching the show, but I have to admit it, after watching Grissom and gang tear their cases wide open with their technology and their knowledge, I am interested in forensic sciences. One most interesting thing about the show however would be the usage of DNA profiling. Most of the cases was solved because of DNA acquired at the crime scenes. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are molecules that carry the genetic information necessary for the organization and functioning of most living cells and control the inheritance of characteristics. Only recently that DNA is the heavily debated topic because people have managed to clone using DNA. So, I do think the show do educate people on the usefulness of DNA. However, cloning is still a big issue that is still been debated. I will leave it at that.

Back to CSI. Season 4 of CSI Las Vegas ended and I can't wait for more CSI when it returns in August. And I can't wait for CSI New York to debut in November. Before I stop, I wonder if there will be other CSI shows in the making? CSI Chicago perhaps? You can never know as the CSI Era is still in it's "Golden Age".