Friday, July 01, 2005

Back, I am.

Or not.

I took a 2 months hiatus to think over if I should continue blogging or I should just stop. I totally got "null" motivation to continue. I think I got bored.

However, I am back. And I think you all will be seeing me around for a bit longer or forever.

Anyway, I also wanted to fix some of the problems with my blog's template. Well, the only thing I could say right now is that, I am brewing a new blog template, but it is only 10-20% complete. Anyway, to those having problems with my sidebar overlapping the my main content. Please be patient while I get the new template up. The new template is a more simple template and even more simple design. No cutting edge thingy or anything. Simple and neat is better.

Anyway, stay tuned to my blog as I put up more HUEG screen shots of TV SERIES. Loading time just gotten longer!

I have another blog up and running. It's all about tv series. Please visit it too.
Beyond Thoughts Dreams [一個夢] KENNYLJS