Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ghost Whisperer - How they (will or going to) screw up the storyline!!

Watch out! Melinda is getting a nemesis!! Or at least going to have one.

Damn. and I thought this show is different. Apparently I was DEAD wrong. This series looks like turning out to be any other stereotype storyline thingy.(Note: I call this "Scriptwriting 101").

After that laughing (supposely evil) ghost guy appear in the latest episode, this just blows, really.

So, I definately won't feel sorry if this series don't get renewed or get cancelled at the end of the season or two.

Then again, some might argue that even in ghost world, there are good ghost and bad ghost and evil ghost.

Still, I though this isn't about crime fighting like Medium or something like that.

Although long story arc might be a good idea as to not turn the series into "Crossover-The-Ghost-Of-The-Week" thingy to get bored, I feel there is a better way to do it than introduce a nemesis.

That laughing "evil" ghost just don't felt right for this series. but hey, I am willing to give it a try with lots of prejudice though.

Ghost Whisperer ain't getting the 6 stars at my rating blog that I planned to rate it.

And for the record, I already got fed up with "Scriptwriting 101" storylines. Originality gives me orgasm's while the dreaded "Scriptwriting 101" storylines (aka Stereotype) make me need to take TViagra.