Thursday, July 22, 2004


Finally, I have decided to open my FTP. Currently there is a few MP3's in there, but I will constantly change the content in my Public FTP, because of reasons that I don't need to explain. (Hint : something about MP3's and the legality of it).

Anyway, download while it is still hot. I sometimes will close my FTP for maintainence, so if you experience any problem, just try again later. Or you can check the status of the FTP by coming here. I will put up a status announcement.

Rules for my Public FTP:
1. Download what's is available if you see something of interest. What is available today, might not be available tomorrow. Please DON'T email me requesting that I put it up again. I will NOT accept any request.
2. If you want a private account, these are the criteria you need to fulfill.

  • You need to be at least on my MSN Messenger's list (MSN : OR
  • You need to be a member of any forum that I lurk out and at least have 500 posts or above. (I lurk out at forum, forum, Japan-TV forum)
  • Once the above criteria is met, send me an email and ask nicely and give the relevant information. Which of the 3 forum you lurk out, what is your user ID or your MSN email address.
  • I will not give out private accounts easily, so please be patient while I process your application.
What is the ADVANTAGE of having a Private Account?
1. You can access tons of stuff that I have. Like MP3's, Videos and Warez.
2. Top quality MP3's (I settle for the best quality)
3. Files are constantly updated with the latest stuff.
4. Don't need to wait for Public FTP to show it.
5. Files don't just go missing after just one day.

Problems with my FTP
1. Max download speed is about 10kB/s. (Not my fault, my broadband connection uploads is limited to 128kbps.)
2. Again due to my broadband connection, I can only allow 3 person to login per session. anymore than that, you have to wait.

Well, anyway "Happy Downloading". Sharing is caring.

Recommended program to log into my FTP : Smartftp.

web browser to log into my FTP : Get Firefox

While I do not block IE users, I would prefer if the above two programs are use instead of IE.