Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Winning the battle, but losing the war. It's a losing battle for both copyrighters and p2p-ers

MPAA, RIAA, and all the other AA's. They are losing the war I dubbed "War of the Piracy". However, I am not going to say that p2p side is winning either. Once the entertainment industry feels that it's time to give up, it's all over for both the entertainment industry and also the p2p-ers.

Why is it like that?

This is because that on one hand, the entertainment industry is shooting themselves in the leg by producing mediocre and lousy movies and music and selling them at prices that only can be bought by those that have the extra money. Others will have to save,save and save. So, when there is an opportunity like p2p and piracy being sold at cheaper prices than the originals, do they the AA's think that people will be thinking like this: "Oh no. This is illegal. I will not buy it."???

They(the AA's) probably do think like the above.

Mind you. What most (not all) of the people buying pirated stuff are really thinking this : "Hey, I can afford to buy this. Maybe I will buy the original if this is really good and worth every penny."

It's Social-Economics.

When people can't buy something, they opt for cheaper alternatives. It's just that simple.

And yet, there are other factors. However, for the layman, it's nothing but bullshit. The layman's will only understand this simple thing: "Cheap, affordable and good enough."

A number of people buy pirated because that's the limit of their economic status. Are they to be deny entertainment that only the rich can afford? Are we going to blame them for not succeeding in their life? Are we going to say that they are the filth of society because they are only moderately educated? Are we going to say "You deserved to be poor because you fail at life.". How are we going to conclude that from? Not everyone is born with a shining star above their heads.

Alas, if only the AA's understand that, instead of thinking : Oh noes, our cash cow is shrinking! Call out the lawyers and politicians! We must protect out "MONEY"!

I support piracy all the way. However, if originals become affordable, you bet I will buy the originals any day! (I own a couple of originals, and I have seen the real quality it holds, but alas the price was beyond my means, I had to borrow from family and friends.)