Sunday, November 12, 2006

Heroes.....beyond expectation!

I don't usually do a review or in depth details or something like that about a series. I rather use pictures, screenshots and photos. This is an exception.

Ok, lets start shall we?
US TV series new no.1 show Heroes is about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives.

Now, where have we seen something similiar before? If your answer is X-men, yes you are right. However, people are going to argue that X-men and Heroes are totally different. I would have agree...........Would have indeed.......

There are many differences between X-men and Heroes, like for example : In X-men, people with powers are call mutants and are not humans. In Heroes, people with powers won't be call mutants, but will be call "People with special abilities" or something like that. Another differences is that in X-men is that normal people know about the existent of mutants, while the people in Heroes doesn't know that there are people out there with special abilities.

Who are we kidding? Heroes and X-men aren't that different from each other in the first place. The only differences is that Heroes is something like (In the context of X-men) "When we weren't a team yet....." or "Before we met Professor X....."

I know lots of Heroes' fans are going to argue that this is no X-men, this is different,blah,blah,blah.

Think about it. In Heroes, there are people with "SPECIAL POWERS". In X-men there are people with "SPECIAL POWERS".

In Heroes, there is a bad guy trying to get more powerful. Cliche to the max. Most bad guys wants to get more powerful one way or another. In X-men, it's the same.

In Heroes, there is going to be a group of people trying to save the world. So does in X-men.

In Heroes, there is a gang of bad guys. So does in X-men.

In Heroes, people with special powers are trying to get to grips with their beyond human ability. In X-men, do you really think that before the mutants are found out about, a similiar situation didn't happen?

In Heroes, there are all kind of special powers. So DOES X-men.

So, what's the differences between Heroes and X-men?

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