Friday, January 14, 2005

Of TV Series, Theme Songs and Hong Kong vs US

It's 2005, it's just any other year. However, the good thing is there will be new tv series to watch.

Over in the USA, a couple of new series was aired.
First on the list is Medium is a series about a woman name Allison who has the "gift" of being able to see death people and also talk to them.

Next is a comedy series. Committed is about a guy and girl and the usual crap about how they get together and such. Nothing new here!

Looking closer to home, and TVB Hong Kong has released their lineup for 2005. I rather show the poster than talk about it since I don't know anything about it anyway. Besides, looking is way better than reading. A picture is worth a thousand words!

The US side is going to release a few more new series as the new season starts. On the Hong Kong side, the new year started with Infernal Affairs......PLUS Water Margin.

The new series Shades of Truth (previously known as Water Margin Infernal Affairs) is about (you guessed it) one of the most famous character in Water Margin, Wu Song (武松)and another not so famous character in Water Margin. Mix that with today's Infernal Affairs and you get Shades of Truth. From the Shades of Truth trailer, you can see that it mix both ancient and modern era into the series. Another lame attempt to sell the "idea" as a new idea. Bleh.

Overall for the moment, the new year does look promising. Then again, TVB never ever start the year with a bang. They always end it with a bang though. Let's hope it stays the same this year.