Thursday, February 24, 2005

Does Skype have spyware?

I have googled, I have asked at forums, I have asked some skype users, and until now I don't have an answer to the question "Does Skype have spyware?"

Call me paranoid or anything, but I naturally won't trust a program that came out of the same development team as Kazaa. And we all know Kazaa has tons of it. However, having said that, no one out there is certain wherever Skype does have spyware or not.

The best everyone could prove that Skype got spyware is to point to the Skype EULA. But even that, there isn't enough evidences to prove beyond reasonable doubt to say that Skype indeed has spyware.
This thread here -> Skype EULA says it's spyware/backdoor trojan? came out first on Google search about Skype and it's EULA.

After reading through all posts, there is nothing to prove that the EULA is talking about spyware. And those who are using Skype didn't say anything or didn't noticed about Skype eating their bandwidth or the program is doing some spyware related things.

But still, the fear of spyware is holding me back from using Skype. And with no prove that Skype doesn't have spyware, unless someone can show me beyond reasonable doubt that Skype DOESN'T have spyware, I will continue to stand by the sidelines and watch.

EULA = end-user license agreement