Tuesday, January 24, 2006

24 days into 2006.......before that.....

And in the US TV series scene, some new series for 2005/2006 got cancelled or went into hiatus.

Heather Graham's debut series Emily's Reasons Why Not crashed and burned after episode 1 was aired.

Out of Practice runs out of practices and is now in a hiatus!

I don't know what other Desperate Housewives's fans are thinking, but for me, I think the housewives are getting too desperate!

Killer Instinct got murdered by FOX network 9 episodes into it's first season. Case still unsolve!

Nothing is insteresting in new series Book of Daniel and South Beach. Nothing to shout about for either.

Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey's Threshold plan failed and the alien race named "Cancelled" took over earth. THE END.

Ted finally met his (supposed)future wife in How I Meet Your Mother, but is this just another red herring?

All three CSI's are hitting the heavy blows and don't looked like stopping.

Lost is still Lost to me. Don't think it is that exciting or groundbreaking.

The wedding between Luke and Lolerai might not happened after all in the second half of Season 6 of Gilmore Girls. Apparently, Luke found out that he has a daughter that he doesn't know until now and can't seem to focus on anything other than trying to make up for lost time while Lolerai who managed to patch things up with Rory, has to endure a delayed wedding or no wedding. The Lolerai Wedding Jinx is still alive and well!!

Meredith Grey lost Dr. Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy not on the operating table but on the love table!

Defective Detective Adrian Monk continues to solve cases in Monk but no where near curing his own phobia's and the murder of his wife Trudy!

Over in UK, David Tennant took over the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who (2005) from Christopher Eccleston. The new Doctor invaded Christmas 2005 and is looking forward to Season 2 of Doctor Who (2005).

Cassie Hughes dies leaving Thelma alone to fight against Cassie's evil son Malachi in HƎX. Ella joins in the fight, but in the end, they couldn't stop Malachi. Is this really the end for the good guys?

Over in Hong Kong, TVB's new lineup for the year end 2005 and the first half of 2006 doesn't look promising with some series that isn't up to par. Series like 隨時候命, 胭脂水粉 although I managed to finish watching them, but both this series aren't up to par in storylines and acting. Although 阿旺新傳 was the best so far, while series like 識法代言人 and 妙手仁心Ⅲ I couldn't finish them for the moment. The storyline was uninteresting. I hope TVB's next few series would be up to standard.

Over in Japan, a few series are hitting a high for us Jdramers. And a few animes are hitting a high too.

Manga turned Anime turned live-action Hana Yori Dango took Jdramers by storm as it's unusual episode number of 9 was good enough yet it left people wanting for more and the 3 words at the end of episode 9 was an indication that there will be more rich guys and rich girls and a poor girl.

Although for 2006, there doesn't seem to be a hit Jdrama series, however, most of them are more than decent to watch which is way better than TVB 2006 lineups!

New animes like Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl and Aria the Animation just to name a few. I can't list all of them, since there are too many. As usual, Animes don't disappoint at all.