Monday, January 30, 2006


After looking high and low all over the internet about Skype and if it got spyware/malware or not, I still am not convince it doesn't have spyware/malware or something like that.

Before anyone shout "IGNORANT BASTARD!!" right at my face, I would like to say that there ARE articles and people out there in the Weird Wild Web that also doesn't trust Skype at all. And the ratio is almost 50-50 for believers and non-believers.

I have been called silly, ignorant, stupid, weird, insane, very stupid......and such because of my distrusts of Skype just because Skype was developed by the people behind Kazaa. I don't trust Kazaa. And naturally I sure won't trust something that is being developed by the people that is related to Kazaa.

Instinct tells me that Skype can't be trusted. Call it what you want. Call it Paranoid. Call it stupid. Call it ignorances. Call it very stupid even. When there is a time where you instinct tells you something, do you listen to your instinct or do you just ignore it?

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