Sunday, February 05, 2006

Live from Penang Bloggers/Netizen gathering venue.

I am posting now from the Penang Bloggers/Netizen gathering venue in Penang. And it was informative and special. I think after this gathering there will be several more bloggers/netizen jumping on the podcast bandwagon.

I don't think I will make the jump yet, as my voice over the mic sounds terrible and it sucks. Even Simon Cowell will shout "YOU SOUND TERRIBLE!".

Anyway, even if I want to podcast, I would probably only talk about animes and tv series. Anyone interested?

Update :
Those who attended the gathering
1. Cmos
2. n305er
3. Lucia
4. Ong BK
5. Peter Hutkins
6. Plasmabstract
7. Vincent of Penang Podcast
8. Tony
9. Tan of FreeMedia
10. Yvy
11. John of Penang Hokkien Podcast (via Skype)
12. Lee of Penang 360 Degrees
13. Khor
14. Chiang Kee Chun
15. V Y Low
16. Prashanth
17. Manjit
18. Saw Sook Hua
19. Ong
20. Anwar Fazal

I think that's all. I think.

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