Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nothing, but.................

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Let's help good'ol nic here and fill in the blanks for him.

Nothing, but hot air.
Nothing, but lame old grandmother rantings.
Nothing, but some silly guy's rant that doesn't mean a thing.
Nothing, but some stupid guy's blog about how he hate a sport that billions of others love.
Nothing, but lousy posts about what he watches. We don't need or even want to know what you watch dumbass.
Nothing, but stupid posts with huge pictures that would even make people with high speed broadband cry.
Nothing, but KLJS's obsession about how he hates Spiderman and how he on a crusade to boycott watching movies because of his hate for the Hollywood Spiderman. We love Spiderman you super anal dumbass. If you don't like what you are seeing, then please go fuck yourself in the corner.
Nothing, but KLJS's imagination about how he is the most important person in this world.
Nothing, but KLJS's insistent that what he is doing is not in vain.
Nothing, but KLJS's obsession towards a voice actress that isn't really that great in the first place.
Nothing, but KLJS's ranting about why people hates what he does. Hey, dumbass. Look in the mirror and you will know why people hate you. KLJS the Idiot!!!
Nothing, but KLJS's stupid blog title that no one in this world knows what the hell it is.
Nothing, but KLJS's delusions about p2p, the MPAA and the RIAA. He must be living in his own utopia.
Nothing, but lame,lame and even more lame blog posts in Chinese that no one knows how to read except Chinese.
Nothing, but KLJS's own dream world. Wake you idiot and face reality.

And many more "Nothing, but.......". However, I can't list them all. Way tooooo long.