Sunday, May 07, 2006

Reality and Delusional of p2p

p2p. The word dreaded by movie studios and movie assiociations all over the world. Why? because p2p are blood suckers that are sucking up their monetary gains they "rightfully" should have gotten if it wasn't for the likes of Kazaa and Edonkey..etc.

Wait. Hang on. Talk about blood suckers. With their cut throat prices and their lousy and lame(most of the time) storylines and acting. Tell me who really are the REAL Blood Suckers?

The delusional view is that, you pay for what you see. Actually, that is fact of life. You PAY for what you WANT to SEE. However, I don't see it that way. In fact, lots of people also don't see it that way, because you pay for medicore and lame and lousy and stereotype storylines and acting. Bad movies don't get you the money. Good and Great movies does. However, because they, the movie industry people only care about how much money they will earn. Lame storyline or not. They are probably only looking at the $$$$$$$ and care less about the QUALITY of a movie. But hey, they are a bunch of delusional people, at least to me I see them as delusional people blinded by greed. They think what they do are "world class" stuff. But to the eyes of the viewers, what they do aren't even worth a mention(most of the time). Maybe once in a while, there will be one or two great movies like Star Wars and Lord of The Rings. But that's only 1 or 2. What happened to the other 1001 other movies? What happened to the other thousands and thousands of movies produced over the years? Are they getting better? Are they doing a good job? NO. In fact, over the years, the quality of movies have degenerated to lame storylines and acting.

I try not to watch movies now. Since most of them have that typical storylines and lame acting. It's not even worth my time and effort to download movies either. Nowadays, I rather watch TV Series/animes/Hong Kong serials/Jdramas. Not that I am saying the storyline and acting are better than those in the movies, but at least there are good storylines and some unexpected storylines that is original and less stereotype(but still have the usual stereotypes in some series!)

The reality about p2p is, it is giving viewers a chance to get to watch movies that they can't afford to buy. Not everyone can afford to fork out their hard earn money to buy a movie. If they did, they will have less moneyy to feed their families! So, when given a choice between a cheap alternative aka "piracy" and buying originals, one tend to take the most optimal way. It doesn't matter that piracy is illegal and it infringed on the copyrights of the movie studios and such. Pirated goods buyers are motivated by how much money they can spend and how much money they can save for their families. But does anyone care about this facts of life? NO. No one cares. Actually, in fact, no one wants to admit that this is the FACTS. Buying one DVD at 1/4 of the original price is something WE lower-income and middle-income people can afford to buy. But does anyone bother to find this facts out? NO. They tried to hide it by saying their prices are justified because of they quality of the stars, quality of the storylines and stuff and also their insanely high production costs. I might not really know how much money is used to make a movie, but I know it is darn expensive. However, in my opinion, that is not an excuse to sell movies (VCDs/DVDs) at an insanely high price that only those WILLING to pay for it can buy. What about those who can't afford it? Is it the fault of these people that they are not earning enough to afford some entertainment? or it is the fault of these lower-income people that they didn't study enough to become doctor's, engineers..etc? These people can't afford to buy originals, that's why when there is a cheaper alternative place in front of them, do you really think that these people will say "This is illegal. I can't buy it! I am committing an offense." These people don't have to think twice nor they care if the movie stars and movie studios are whining that their earnings are 1million less than what they should be earning. These people that buys pirated goods are in reality POOR PEOPLE. But hey, who cares? These POOR people doesn't deserve to have what the RICH PEOPLE have because their social status is way below the RICH PEOPLE. Is this what the RICH PEOPLE are thinking? Is this what the movie studios are thinking?