Monday, January 22, 2007

"Anti-main casts" fans

This is what I don't understand about some people. Especially some manga fans attitude!

They read a manga, they go find forums and talk about it, but one different thing about these fans are they try to downplay the "main-cast" of the manga every single time while placing characters that only appears for a short period of time in the manga with VERY HIGH regards.

What is wrong with these people? The manga is about the main-cast! Supporting characters do pop up here and there, but ultimately, the storyline is about the "MAIN-CAST".

Then why read the manga in the first place when they sound like they hate the hero/heroes of the storyline and love supporting characters more. They would jump for joy if the storyline focuses more on the supporting characters, even if it is for a chapter or two, then when the time comes for the storyline to shift back to the "main-cast", they will complain, nag, criticize and downplay anything the "main-cast" does in the storyline until supporting characters start to appear again.

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