Tuesday, January 16, 2007

KLJS's Top 5 anime songs

Here is my Top 5 list of Great Anime songs.

1. Blue Treasure sang by Kuribayashi Minami (Tide-Line Blue opening theme)
This song is rank No.1 because it's a very nice song to listen too. Not too fast, not too slow. It's just right. Background accompaniment really fits the lyrics. And Kuribayashi Minami really sang the best song she ever has as compare to Crystal Energy and Dream Wing Opening theme 1 and 2 for Mai-Otome. Listening to this song, it gives you the feeling that it is a "treasure". The title of this song really fits the feel of the song. This song is really a "Blue Treasure".

2. Houki Boshi sang by Younha (Bleach third ending theme)
Houki Boshi is special, because of the piano accompaniment. And that's the best part. When you are listening to it, you tend to want to play "air piano" with your fingers. It's as if you are playing the piano accompaniment yourself! Nuff said.

3. Radiance sang by Kawada Mami (Starship Operators opening theme)
Although you might think that this song isn't any special from any other fast songs, you are wrong. The song might be fast and the background music sounds like it's in a race of some sort, however once you get the feel of it, you will feel it's really not that fast and furious, yet it's fast enough to catch your attention.

4. Tomorrow sang by Mikuni Shimokawa (Full Metal Panic! opening theme)
Tomorrow. This song gives you the feeling of a better tomorrow. It lifts your spirit as you feel the song! It really a joyful song to listen too, with a touch of excitement!

5. Hishoku No Sora sang by Kawada Mami (Shakugan no Shana first opening theme)
This song is just like Radiance, but it loses out to Tomorrow, because it feels a bit serious like there is some tension going to happen or something. Overall, it's a good song to heighten your spirit!

Note : As you all might know, I worship Goddess Maaya Sakamoto. So, all her songs will not be ranked, because if I were to put her song in here, this Top 5 will just become all about Goddess Maaya Sakamoto and her songs!

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